The Great Gildersleeve 49-04-06 (324) The Baby's Birthday Party Conflicts - burst 4


Good Night Uncles Marjorie gentlemen doesn't discuss those things your information. Mrs Knickebocker and I are just good friends, besides your uncle is not in the habit of trying to kiss, every lady takes out. Leroy. Change the subject for your own good. I have no intention of getting romantic with Mrs Knickebocker until the next time we go out. Oh. That's the grapes migrate. Thank you. Lord. It forget Mrs Knickerbocker for a minute I have something to tell you. You're going to have a little visitor this morning that the baby the baby. Bob called a while ago. He's bringing a ride over wonderful. I certainly missed that little rascal, Little Romari? Never forget the day I found her in the back of my car. Surprise that was. A. Good Morning. Have you heard the news little re in her father coming over this morning? Well! That's wonder yeah. Let's not get excited. Everybody I'll get. Gildersleeve, BOB! Little Rome hello baby. Come on both, thank you. Why she's getting her every day. This is wonderful having you to hear thanks. We dropped over because Rome wants to invite you to a birthday party tomorrow. Party yes, she's. She's going to be one year old. Really will let you know about that.

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