Barack Obama and Joe Biden spied on him.

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Leave that where it is. Do you think Roger Stone committed a crime? He lied to Congress. What did you lie about? A non existent crime. Okay, I have to tell you something. It was a crime. It was an existent crime. If you really read the Miller report, you would see it. Even Republicans understand that. And I appreciate your call. But you understand, Ladies and gentlemen, the frustration The frustration. It's ridiculous. Mike Emails. Yes, People shouldn't lie to Congress and President shouldn't spy on one another. The implication is that Donald Trump is right. Barack Obama and Joe Biden spied on him. You're listening to too much right wing radio. It never happened. You know how I know Whatever happened, it happened. Bill Bar would have problem indictment. There is no indictment. It is astounding to me. That people Khun drink the Kool Aid. And really believe this. I happen to agree 1% with Mitt Romney. Who said Without any question. That this pardon is unprecedented. Historic corruption. And it is And what is astounding is But the reason why he got a commutation. Is because he would not reveal The president's involvement. And so when I get a call like the last one, I have to sort of Think about how people could believe this. I know why. You listen to Sean Hannity. Hey, listen, the Mark Levin You listen to Lori Ingram. They listen to Rush Limbaugh. When I go home weeknights. That's what I listen to. If I listened and believed The nonsense the dispute over the airwaves. I'll tell you something. I would be. Ah. I'd be a convinced conspiracy theorist. They're out to get Donald Trump. Joe Biden and Barack Obama belong in jail. The president said that this morning And now you understand the divide. Mike. Just so you're clear. Barack Obama didn't spy on Donald Trump. But the minute they found out that the Donald Trump campaign Is getting information from the Russians. And Donald Trump Stadium, saying released the information If you have it, release it. We've played that before. It

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