That's true. He doesn't make the rules. He just enforce it.


Give you and they have to go to court court in a lot of places they do here. Hearing. You have 2.5. That's sweetie. What a sweet deal for them so they can hand out all the false tickets and things they wanted. They get overtime every single time. They have to go to court. Call the tattoos. I know. I remember. That's how it learned about you want to the most recent video from Central Square with cops are dropping tickets on people's cars, and I called him out for it in the cop, the newbie cop He actually responds by smiling and saying that he doesn't make the rules and that it's OK basically with him. That's true. He doesn't make the rules. He just enforce it. But you know, no one goes to court unless they have to. Well, that's what I mean. That's that's why they charge. That's why they're able to get away with this because they know No one's going to ever fight among that's part of this that something that needs to change here and the problem that people have is they still look to government to solve their problems for them well, but the police are a problem. Let's go to the town council and have them change the police. Well, what you could do is educate people to stop putting up with this crap and demand trials for absolutely everything and then see what happens. It's like they locked on orders that we've seen throughout the country whenever somebody actually stood against them and, you know, put themselves on the line for it. It got up to the Supreme Court of the state, and it was As far as I've seen every single one of these has been ruled, unconstitutional or illegal, or they come to your house the next week, and they take

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