PGA Tour returns: Xander Schauffele leads with Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy in contention


Challenge in fort worth Texas marking the PGA tour's return after a three month absence Lehman with a five under par sixty five left him just two shots off the lead after which she reflected on the significance of the moment of silence all over the course and the surrounding grounds at colonial at eight forty six AM not just in Thursday's first round but in all four rounds in memory of George Floyd I think everybody needs to feel deeply what happened and then to hurt deeply because of what happened to George Floyd I think everybody needs to understand that that when you have a absolute disregard for the suffering or pain of somebody else or the death of you because on somebody else if you have no regard for that you are a part of the problem you need to get your other so I would say that's probably the thing I took away from Mrs of let's let's just understand that we're all human beings need to care about each other if you can't do that then I feel sorry for you what Tom Lehman did during that moment of silence I prayed I just prayed for our country yeah I pray for that that man's family for George's family I pray for his soul you know pray just pray that guard the chaos that we live in can the be wisely move forward is so that decisions are made that actually are meaningful and

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