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Enjoy Your Seat; Lisbon Neighborhoods; Buenos Aires Bio


Rick Steves with borders temporarily closing countless travel. Dreams are now on hold. But I know that we'll get through this crisis and when we do it'll be more important than ever to venture out into our world so for now. Let's enjoy these virtual adventures through the Radio. And when we're able again let's promise to keep on traveling if you like to explore historic cities with funkier festive neighborhoods. We've got to for you to choose from in the hour ahead. Tour guides from Portugal will help us navigate the street life and the tangle of cobbled lanes and lookouts and their capital as we get acquainted with the neighborhoods of Lisbon and an architecture critic finds a lot to like faded charisma of Buenos Aires. But I writer Wendy. Simmons returns to travel with Rick. Steves to help us look forward to our next long airplane flight in coach as a photographer and contributor to Huffington Post. Wendy's traveled a lot so far she's been to eighty five countries. She doesn't read the overseas flights at all in fact she joins us now with her tips on enjoying your next flight. Wendy thanks for being here. Sorry my so you write that long haul. Flights can be more fun than short ones. That's pretty good trick house. Oh I travel all the time as you said and I've come to really not lake. Short flights feel long only. They're not so I can't get anything done and instead you know. I look at long haul flights as uninterrupted me. Time just ten twelve hours of time where? I don't have any guilt that I should be doing something else and instead I can use the time to do all the things I wanna do that. I never seem to have time for one on the so that takes a little bit of intention and thinking ahead. I do the same thing when I'm planning a trip to Europe and I know my departures a week out. I've actually got a little list of things I'm going to do during the flight because I will get hours of me time. What are some of your meantime activities that make that flight actually blessing? Well it can be fun stuff and it can also be stuff that I just have to get taken care of that. I never have time to do so. For example it's a great time. I listened to a lot of music. I love music and I am always frustrated. That can't find the song I feel like listening to her playlist and that type of thing so it's a great time to clean out my tunes library and get rid of music. I don't like or create playlists. It's a great time to go through my email inbox and just finally cleared out. You don't have to be online to do that. Those things take a long time in our lives are so busy and never get render so tedious and who wants to do that on weekends. You know for me. A related thing would be Hall the piles of photos. I've got packed into my iphone. You can just go through in down. It's actually it's the perfect time to do all the stuff you don't WanNa waste time doing during the weekend or at night. Also you can just do something that you would normally invest time in other ways. Absolutely you know I'll to things like if I've always wanted to read about the history of someplace or I've been wanting to learn a few key phrases in the language of whatever country I'm going to you know that's the perfect time to catch up on movies or season of television shows all season of whatever or watch a movie that you wouldn't have exactly those are the exactly the kind of thing so it's really about mindset or a movie that your partner wouldn't WanNa see with you exactly are the ones you'd be so embarrassed ask anyone to watch with you. If you're anywhere else I love to walk up and down the aisle and just look at the way. People are spending their time and see how they're really getting into all that trash on the screen. I mean I've watched some of the most embarrassing movies ever on airplanes humiliated if anyone knew but it's the perfect time and I think you know people go onto airplanes dreading it and if you just you know if you make a few simple changes and you bring a neck pillow and you dress in layers and you take your shoes off and you have a glass of wine and you sort of look at the airplane is your you know your personal private space albeit. It's not comfortable but it's not permanent. I know people that would they would travel less in order to go first class and makes no sense that ultimately. I don't know how much more I think you'd pay five or six hundred dollars more one hundred dollars hour or something at least just sit in first class and just makes no sense to me because what you can do is you can creatively work to make your coach seat. Feel a little more elegant. And there's ways that I always say I would rather sit in coach with my noise reduction headphones than to sit business without them because the rumble of the airplane is. It's just exhausting to me and I can have my own little cone of silence and when I put my headphones on nobody talks to me and I do have that meantime I remember this interview that the CEO of Spirit Airlines did one time after a poll came out ranking them dead last in customer service and seat size and space and all these other statistics and he basically said listen. We get you from place to place really cheap. You can spend the money where you're going and I thought you know what a brilliant response and that's how I look at it. The airplane isn't part of the vacation. It's to get me to the big Russian affordably. Say money to it up and uncomfortable for thirteen hours so I have an extra thousand dollars when I get wherever it is that I'm

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