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Tom Brady, Peyton Manning And Phil Mickelson Billy discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


Martinez hit a ball to right field. It bounces off the had of cartoonish Jose Conceico and goes for a home. Run the odds of that play happening to Jose. Can of all people like it's a funding plate happening to anybody. But it's funniest like you won't come up with someone funnier. Maybe Manny Ramirez. Maybe it'd be hard in a hypothetical and a fictitious hypothetical to come up with a greater play. That's funnier than that one. Because the specifically what the odds are of a ball flying off a bat an outfield. They're being so bad but yet so good being so bad and yet so good that the ball bounces off of his head. None stood out of all the things to be amazed by on that plane. One of them is. It can't feel good to have a home run ball bounce off your skull and yet Jose. Canseco has next to no reaction. The ball sort of. I don't know if those supermarket rubber balls are still thing that they sell in the Gumbo machines but the way that it ricocheted off. His head suggested that there was a great deal of forced that that ball hit his head with and he had very little in the way of reaction other than total bewilderment can say wasn't feeling much back then and he was a great player. I'm wondering Do the gum ball machine still exist. I mean I hear. Ya and I love a good gum ball at a good gum ball machine. Do those still exist when you go to your local supermarket because I would stop every time when I was a kid I could certainly during pandemic. They're not doing things that you put your hands all over like you can't get anything like that. Put it up on the pole at Lebatardshow. A is the ball bouncing off a Jose. Take head for a home run. The greatest play in sports history and do supermarket still have gumbel machines. I wanted to play some sound for us to got and I don't know how good this sound is because it was twelve minutes long and I sent it to Billy. But Billy had what? He's calling a delightful social media and telephone blackout weekend so. I haven't been able to talk to him about anything. So Billy helped me with this sound is. Is this sound as loud wrong as I imagine it to be given that? What happened this weekend with Tom? Brady Phil Mickelson Tiger Woods and peyton manning is a monster. Success there are clearly given the ratings six million desperate desperate fan. That's given the documentary on Michael Jordan. Did this number and given that this match did this number there are six million lunatics out there who are just dying because of the cold Turkey withdrawal from sports that need something and so so many people watch Tom Brady rip his pants in the single. Most human moment Tom Brady has ever had. They were also dying to bet on a live sporting events. And I'm telling you in golf bedding like in Game. Bedding is like crack cocaine man. It really is so. Let me ask you this if that is indeed the reason. It's betting if I did this in reverse what it has done a big number peyton manning and Tom Brady throwing passes to Phil. Mickelson and Tiger Woods is the desperation for sports such that if I just put a bunch of famous people out there running around doing anything. Are you going to get six million viewers because they're famous and talking trash to each other probably? I'd watch that if you had you know. If you had tiger and Phil Catch Sieve for Brady Advancing. I sit around and watch that for a couple hours shirt. That put that on the poll. Would you watch Tom Brady? And paint manning throwing passes competitively to Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Billy. So why did you do with social media blackout? Why did you do a telephone blackout? And how how peaceful was I am insanely jealous of you? That that's how you spent your long weekend. My guess is it. Feels like a spiritual meditation that you have arrived in a more tranquil tranquil. Life place that you haven't had to check you know what somebody put up on their instagram for dinner. That night. A picture of what do you have for us on that front billy? It was delightful now. Dan. I'm only human as the rest of us are so obviously I had my temptations and occasionally go on on. You need to stop it. Here's the best way if I could tell you my strategy to avoid social media over the weekend just the leader from your phone finally twitter and it's ran for my phone. I then have to go and reinstall it. And then that whole thing is going to take an after remember my past brands a semi self recovery email because of course Japan referrals. Thanks so if you just delete it from your phone you almost can't get on it so that was great absolutely great. Now this sound which teed up to before I don't know I the south. This sound was our good friend. Chris. Russo Dan Dan. You know mad dog Chris Russo. Yes Oh my God so you want to know how wrong he is. The starting point on it is that no one during the pandemic wants to see rich people play golf and he says that he will not be watching it and you can start going on this whole thing. I guarantee you that he was watching yesterday. Or but as today are good. Talk thank you. That's all right. You can leave now. Sunday is when this happened. We will get to Chris Russo. Being loud wrong from mad dog sports radio in a second. I can't believe Stugatz that it did the number that it did even as says that it was a great deal of fun. I did not see it. But the idea that six million people watch this is flabbergasting to me. Although the consensus seems to be like I'm not hearing a whole lot of criticism of it. The consensus seems to be that everybody is so starved that they love it so you wanted to say what here before we play this mad dog sound. I'm not certain yes. People Are Star. There's no question about it but then if you I was critical of the match last year and granted. There's nothing going on. So I'm going to be less critical this year. But they learn from their mistakes last year the additions of Brady and Manning and being able to see to world class athletes to the games greatest quarterbacks be relatable struggle at a sport the way you and. I would struggle if we were out there playing golf that was really cool and they're just allowing Charles. The Be Charles and Tiger and Phil were way more relaxed this time around than they were last year. It was just a lot of fun. If forget about loving off. If you a little smacktalk if you love seeing guys you know great athletes who look like me and you out there. It really was. It was well done. It was a lot of Charles. Did an amazing job gear more. Put It on. The poll at Lebatardshow tried to end your social media addiction by deleting twitter and instagram and facebook. From your phone. Let's go ahead and play. That saw that sound from mad dog radio. I want to see how loud wrong Chris. Russo was talking about how this would not be a success golf match between Tiger Woods Phil. Mickelson Tom. Brady and Peyton Manning. Do I want to say Tom Brady skull the ball all over the place? Where Manning's I saw at the challenge with Peyton Manning. I got to see it again. Michael Does Not GonNa Major Championship in years yet. Somehow Mickelson's idea think the average American sports fan is going to die to see Brady admitting jet on a private plane and play golf and have fun and all that Kinda stuff on a clear day with blue skies and enjoying themselves. When you can't get out of. The driveway is absolutely ridiculous. Go find a couple of receivers go find an empty football field somewhere with nobody on it. Show testing do everything from the shotgun. So gotta gotTa stop you the ball and I want you to explain every route that are receiver runs with Patriot and manning as a cope every single one and then give me basically a little infomercial with the with the situation and I can watch that and I can learn. What a quarterback. Thanks the receiver on his plate. What he what's all bombing that I'll get into what you do best? I don't say Brady adding play a sport that they're not that much better than I thought for crying out loud. I don't need to see play golf when I can't play. Nor can the average citizen. That page is an open. How about all those people in a long island there who play on Saturday mornings? They can't play it's closed but Brady and manning because they're confided jetstream jets go to some godforsaken place that nobody in America could ever become a member of and they go play eighteen holes against Against each other in a match play thing to average fifty handicap through those who they are and they're gonNA say with them into the charity but we're to pay for the charity because it's to be you're GONNA have to pay for. There's no charity unless we pay for it and it's a bad bad. Look we got people who broke out of work. The economy's GonNa fall apart but it's okay for Brady and meaning to go fly to play with tiger and Phil at photos deserved anyway. Fifty years old enough and a Brady meeting. WanNa be your beneficial to the American Sports Fan? You know what? Do some instructional film. I'd watch the NFL network like the power sweep and as here. And as I say that right up the alley the two best quarterbacks of.

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