Freelance Vets with Jay Sheehan


Some who don't work that, well I mean as a recruiter for many years I would always try to go through the transition programs at local basis. But you know. Brag might not speak to June. You know or they don't at all. Or login might not speak to cherry point in a so you have all these different. Hands in the pot so to speak and not one of them on the same page law. I think that's one of the inherent issues with the transition program you know. XYZ Base or post translation might do a fantastic job of apparent, a soldier sailor marine to get out. but you know the one down the street or the next town over. Doesn't you know and and I think there's a big disconnect there on the transition excite, and that other disconnect like I said is. What do you WanNa? Do when you? Right or you know the old adage. What you WANNA be when you grow up. You know it's it's funny, and it is, but it isn't. You know it's truly you know we. We join the military. We do our job every day. And sometimes those jobs directly translate into Civilian Gore and sometimes they don't you know. Stove! Did you love your job in military, some of with may some of US may not have. It wasn't so bad, but do you see yourself doing it the next twenty years? Right, So those are all questions. You have to ask yourself during a transition period. I know the military's been getting a lot better with programs fellowships Apprenticeship programs that you can depending on command work at US as apprentice in that position for six nine months before you ats. That's huge. If that's available, I take advantage of it. It's kind of a try before you buy. You know, go out and and see an employer in the real world and have a civilian job while you're still in the male military quote, unquote. Even even if that's not the job you end up with. Knowing what you don't want sometimes is more valuable than than doing what you want, so without a dow and you know. I was in. The staffing business. So a lot of times. We'll have a temporary temp to hire job. And sometimes it might not be the great greatest thing but I. Tell the story one of the first placements I ever met. Gentleman had just got out of jail after five years and came in with his wife, his kids, his mom and his past. Begging for a job and I said you know listen, I'll take the chance. I've got job. It's just one day. Show up Monday eight am, do the job. If, I get a good report to the next one, and we'll just carry on a move forward that gentlemen now runs a crew of thirty people at the same position. He'd never left that job, and that's thirteen years ago. I think. So. It's an amazing story. All comes back to how you carry yourself and what? You WanNa do with yourself when you get out. Yeah, well, it's amazing I J. hold that we're GONNA be right back in. We're going to get to talking about What you guys you're doing with freelance vet,

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