Pastured poultry is vulnerable to climate change


I'm doctor Anthony License and this is climate connections. Cows are not the only animals going out to pasture to meet the demand for more humanely raised chicken. Some farmers are now raising poultry outside in movable pens eating grass and bugs and getting fresh air and Sunlight Jeff Mannix is with virtual company which produces poultry feed and organic farm products. He says being outside is good for the birds but it also makes them vulnerable to extreme weather during drought. There are fewer insects for them to eat and it's harder for the chickens to stay cool. There's nothing green out there so if ever really down green grass and felt how cool it makes you feel in a drought year. We don't have that but too much rain can also stress chickens and the ground is wet. The poultry altria constantly going to be in a state of mild hypothermia as the moisture is drying off of their body their body core temperatures are not going to be at the right levels manning's encourages farmers to provide a rain shelter and get chickens up off the cold wet ground even if it's up on slats pallets or whatever they're going. GonNa be a lot more comfortable less stressed more healthy so he says pasture raised chickens can thrive but as the climate changes farmers must act to protect their flocks climate connections is produced by the Yale Center for Environmental Communication. Learn more at Yale Connections Dot Org.

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