SNL Adds Their First Chinese-American Cast Member


Saturday night live announced its new cast members for three new cast members for the for the new season and one of them is comedian and writer Bowen Yang right a He's a mainstay of the New York comedy scene. He's Queer. He's he's kind of famous for these kind of built this cult following these lip sync videos. He does until the end brilliant. You know he's done what a random priestly from from the devil wears Prada. He's this really funny one of Cardi B. Just take the audio from these performances and then just you know just just do a perfect sync up of these of these performances end. It's it's it's hilarious. It's something that he made his own. Yeah and what I think is really amazing about it. Is that when those things went. Viral on twitter is when he kind of became a thing right so he's like kind of one of the he's a he's a twitter created I mean superstar superstar this point. Oh yeah right I mean I mean addition to being being actual comedian doing the scene and and then last selenium Gig as a writer on SNL yes so is also on one like the skits or whatever is like Kim Jong Il Kim Jong position to be to be hoisted up and be featured player on the cast. It was blowing a amongst Asian. Americans was born yeah US position to do well. I I mean there's so much resistance on that showed actually put putting an Asian American right on the cast right. This is a long time so yeah and he actually it turns out. He is the first person of Chinese descent right to be on the cast right there have been there actually have been other Asian American members. Fred is he stars thunders Japanese atrocities. That's CR- episode of I should do you. Who are you like bloodline or someone or not line loveless. It's like who do you. Who Do you think you are. Who you think you're yeah who the hell yeah no that show is It's the one that checks people's People's genealogy and like that show is that he's episode of the trip because roots finding your roots with with a skip gates hairless yeah yeah yeah okay but that one's a trip because his whole life he thought he was he was a quarter Javanese America or something and then and then he found that he was actually Korean but Japanese Korean or Korean court like his his grandfather Korean Japan had had a career career on the stage in Japan had Japanese stage team actually looking into the history. He's actually create this is also during the Occupation Korea. Japan would probably say they're all Japanese. No let's not go crazy story though yeah and then then actually BEF- before Rob Schneider Filipino yeah and has a has acknowledged and embraced that in various ways not not not necessarily somebody these days or you know we're raising the flag hi aggressively claiming but yeah so so nevertheless this is a milestone. Boeing Yang is the first Asian Casper that no one is going to be like oh he he's Asian Asian ladies clearly like like fito typically Asian right and last name Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean. This is kind of the running theme of this episode. At this point or Yang Yeah young passing. I will say speaking of Yang's right. I am Kinda wondering to what degree the the rise the arrival of you will Andrew Yang had anything to do with them deciding to impart anyway kind of like say you know we probably need somebody to play Asian. People roll like regularly now. I joked about twitter. I was like in the year twenty nineteen not that this would have stopped them before honestly because they've had I mean all manner of people playing like Weird Asians but I feel like this is Andrew. Yang thing might be happening enough that they need to address this on on and and have an actual person twenty nineteen of Asian descent playing

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