Tall Stories: New Yorks streets


We're on gun hill road in the Bronx near White Plains road you know sky go pretty open neighborhood by New York Sanders. There are some tall buildings around but street's pretty wide and most of the buildings are lower to kind of get a good glimpse of the sky. I can see several blocks away a lot of different directions. Lot of varied storefronts were passing the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church which is a big beautiful church Look back there you can see there. There's a lot of parts of the Bronx to there's a lot of bedrock I started. What is the last day of two thousand eleven? So it's been a little over seven years now checking your fund. Yeah I'm looking at my map here. And you got some woking instructions instructions I think in the pet so two thousand eleven yeah does little over seven years ago when I walked a little over ninety one hundred miles now and have have maybe a few hundred left to go the big question that everyone properly asks y you must know a bit like walking. Come on I mean why do you like what you like. You know you just do and I think it's important to sometimes. Just follow what you feel called to do without try to come up with an artificial reasons to be able to explain to people so they can go and move on with your day. I guess you could argue. That saw too precious to make you know why you're you're doing it. And it's not conventional thing to do in the sense that you know a lot of people in offices during nine to five jobs and you've decided over the last seven even maybe a little bit longer to every street of Neil Yeah at the same time over the whole course of human history. What I'm doing much more conventional than people? You're sitting in an office meeting meeting. That's very slim slice of human history that we've been sitting in fluorescent lights looking at computers. Would you like about what you've discovered in these many many years. Everything's a surprise. I mean you know you come to New York and people tell you things about neighborhoods types of people believe it because you're a new person it's in there and they seem to know they're talking about when you go out and walk in a certain area and you say oh that's not true that's not true that's not true and you realize what you could have known in the first place. which is that every stereotype about place or type of person's always GonNa be wrong just because just because of the mathematics of it you can't some thousands of people in particular certain characteristics? That's never know where so I learned early on to not expect any think so in that way you could either say everything surprising or nothing surprising because I didn't have any expectations to begin with. Yeah I mean we're in the neighborhood will win Bara that has a little stereotypes attached definitely. Yeah yeah the Bronx probably more so than any any other Any other the boroughs in New York. Lots of people who've never been here would confidently tell you a lot of stuff about how dangerous it is that kind of thing. I really knowing anything. What what do you think you WANNA learn from walking the streets? How can you put it to us? Once you do actually finish. I don't know I mean it's not really my concern to put it to use my concern to do it as well as I can. And then you know just see what happens from there can't really control What usage put to? You know. I didn't do it for particular particular use so I'm just trying to give it my all and whatever happens next

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