Millions face freezing temperatures amid arctic blast


Snow is falling and temperatures are dropping as an arctic invasion plungers across much of the country by Thursday about two hundred twenty two million Americans will face temperatures below freezing CBS news David back now report this arctic blast also cause crashes on the roads in Illinois and Missouri and will blanket at least twenty five states with snow and freezing temperatures by the time it moves all feels too early for snow I've been here six years I've never experienced winter coming sorely snowfall totals could reach up to a foot or more through the upper Midwest the conditions cause cancellations of holiday events that mark veterans day while ceremonies like this one in Augusta Michigan soldiered on despite the weather tonight we're in Batavia New York it's twenty six degrees of the place is covered in snow but the big story tonight is not just the records that are being broken around the country it's when it's happening we're only in the second week of

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