America's Last Train Robbery


Today. America's last train robbery when you think train rain robbery gang of horse-mounted Robert Stopping a coal fired locomotive then Robbie passengers and mail car. Then you've probably been watching you too many westerns. The nation's last train robbery took place high in the Siskiyou mountain range of Oregon nineteen twenty-three the train was a southern Third Pacific railroads goal special at left Portland October Eleventh Nineteen twenty-three knows Portland Oregon and traveled up this. This is cute mountains just south of Ashland Oregon. That's three. Dr Trevan Brothers waited brush on either side of the entrance of tunnel. Thirteen Roy ENRA- were identical twins. Third was younger brother. Hugh they figured that the Gold Special Mail car was carrying between five hundred thousand and five five million dollars in gold. They planned to rob the train and get away in a car but just the day before Roy was driving the car to the agreed upon placement. Mond when he went head on with a cow so they decided to hide in a nearby ravine for two weeks and split up the goal and make their getaway. They had a suitcase. The dynamite but no knowledge. How much do use Roy ray hopped aboard the train as it slowed for the tunnel? Hugh stood at the ready at the entrance when the attendant refuse to open the doors to the mail car. The brothers slid the entire suitcase of dynamite under the mail car. The explosion was so great eight that lifted the entire car off the tracks killing the attendant and setting fire to the wooden car in panic. Hugh Roy shot the Bregman as he emerged from the smoke and all three employees of the Southern Pacific were killed along the mailman. The brothers fled the scene. Hugh hitchhiked to Chicago and joined the army. Roy and Ray stayed on the move for four years. A two million dollar wanted poster blanketed the country. Meanwhile a scientists ientist from the University of California and the search applying their first USA forensic investigative techniques. Hugh was captured. I and sentenced I live in prison when the twins were captured they plea bargain to avoid the death penalty and also received life in prison. Roy could never rationalize she attempted. Crime and killings was diagnosed with schizophrenia and received a lobotomy and died in Oregon State Hospital for the insane. Nineteen eighty-three three was released from prison. For good behavior in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight but died of cancer. Three months after his release Ray was parole. Parole in one thousand nine hundred seventy three at the age of sixty one and died in a nursing home at eighty four at tunnel. Thirteen the side of the robbery. A wreath can be seen seen above the tunnel entrance retired police officer. Johnny Howard replaces it every year in memory of the victims. What is considered one of America's Erica's last train robberies train? Still climb the Cisco's pass through tunnel thirteen. They're made of metal knock wood and mail. Cars are guarded did by railroad security as for the gold dot. Mt Brothers were after there wasn't any gold and the gold special at all. It was simply blake. The name of the train

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