Safe Sunscreen Alternatives


Hi Welcome to the show I'm your host. Samantha Leigh Right. The essential oil revolution is the place to go to learn about all things essential oil and health today however we are going to take a slight departure to focus Chris on a topic that I'm really passionate about and that is non toxic. sunscreen consumer awareness in general is super important. I think especially especially in the sunscreen industry. Now the interviewee that I have on the show. Today is an expert when it comes to natural sunscreen. Alternatives says he didn't know a lot about essential oils. Though so I wanted to dig up some essential oil information I could share with you all in regards to son health. Alf and here's what I found. There's a great article from a website called living pretty naturally dot com up linked to that in the show notes if anyone wants to read the entire hire article but some information. I pulled from there that I thought was really interesting. was that red. Raspberry oil is a pretty close. Ah quivalent to the protection you receive from titanium dioxide found in most mineral sunscreens Scott an SPF range of about twenty. When he eight to fifty depending on the oils quality the essential fatty acids and host of antioxidants in this oil are also great for other skin healing purposes including EXA and psoriasis Red Raspberry seed oil protects against UV A. N. The raise also another oil to note about in this is a true essential oil? I think Red Raspberry seed oil isn't technically in essential oil but carrot seed essential oil is Said said to contain a high. SPF factor win diluted with a carrier oil it can have an SPF of thirty eight to forty however aside from Red Raspberry seed oil most plant oils protect only against UV rays and not also UV rays while we're on the subject of essential oils and the Sun John always be aware that citrus oils. Such as Lime Burgum oh grapefruit orange. And even Kumon essential oil have photosynthetic properties. So please don't put those essential oils on your skin that are going into direct sunlight for at least twenty four to forty eight hours now with that said our recipe today that we're pulling from the DIY. dugout comes from Brooke Brown in Boone North Carolina. She's on Instagram at rookie. Rookie Mama Brown. And her recipe is called the after son. Spray to make the after son spray in a glass spray bottle combined. Four ounces of rosewater two to fifteen drops of lavender essential oil in one to two drops of peppermint essential oil shake well before each use and spray on skin. That's been out in the sun for a bit too

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