Impeachment House Intelligence Committee, Joe Biden And Pete Buttigieg discussed on 1947: The Meet the Press Podcast


Crafts ruled out there star witnesses in the impeachment inquiry and their star candidates on the debate. Stage it's been well nothing but a lot of political action as they say. But we'll any of this. Actually move the the needle whether politically an impeachment or politically on the debate stage. Last night thirty-seven-year-old Pete Buttigieg shown on the center stage following his front runner status in Iowa. And perhaps rap's New Hampshire while another pole winner. Joe Biden celebrated his seventy seventh birthday that day by well Acting a little too old again will Biden's missteps misteps actually matter this time but I in the case of Impeachment House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam. Schiff appeared to give his closing argument on Thursday. Even though there are mountain mountain leads for the Intel Committee to follow including you ambassador. Gordon Sunland testifying Wednesday that quote. Everyone was in the loop on a quid pro. Quo Building a damning case for a week's worth of testimony in today Fiona Hill a former top Russia expert for the White House singled Republicans out for helping Putin's influence campaign so helping break down the endless amount of highlights this week are to NBC reporters and colleagues of mine off the frontlines of both stories. Heidi Bella who has been in DC watching the impeachment peach mint hearings from here doing a bunch of reporting particularly on what John

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