The Curse Of Star Wars Is Over


Welcome back to talkers. split-screen podcast ashamed of both our words and our deeds. We're all playing the hell out of Star Wars jet. I fell in order. Very good. sours game that's a cross between the second row metro-dade uncharted assassin's creed and a million other things this week. We talk about the game's difficulty. How balances its exploration with its huge pieces and how fun it is to swing a lightsaber? stormtroopers we also talk about the new halfway VR game and Google Stadia streaming service. That did not low many people away. It's launched this week. We close things out with some off topic toxins and smooth jazz all right. Let's go and we are back for another episode. My name is Jason Schreier air coming at you live through the power of podcast. A him maybe not live coming recorded his power podcasting. I'm here Kirk Hamilton. Then hello live. As well live in the flesh Kirk Hamilton Mattie Meyers this also alive not necessarily live but live from from New York and yourself. If you believe strongly enough and Alpacas can be live. podcast hello how are you guys doing today. Okay good great another topic another week. Mattie tell us still alive doing great I'm I'm so things are great. Everything is great in the world of digital media. So I've thought real quick next week is is Thanksgiving here in the U S as many of you now and so we're going to be doing for probably going to be recording fees early so we can take a little break for Thanksgiving Kirk is traveling and so we're going to do a mailbag up next week so we have a bunch of questions saved up. But if you want to submit some fresh ones you can reach us at split-screen Scene Aku dot com with your mail bag questions. Ask whatever you would like. Just be interesting. That's that's all I'll just challenge yourself. Ah The interesting it'd be interesting. That's that's my advice. Just be interested. Don't be boring okay. It's good advice like in in your lives. Also good advice. Don't be yeah whenever whenever. I think. That's good advice for journalism in general is don't be interesting. It's big but I see that every single story that you right just could be better if you cut out the boring parts like. That's how I think uh-huh 'cause an editor always cut out the word interesting because ironically it's not. It's an interesting hot hot writing chip from for me. That's a good point but it's a useful word when talking about whether something is worth covering or not whether stories were not isn't interesting. Anyway we digress. There's a lot to talk about today. Including some video games. They're going to talk about star wars finally stars. NFL and order is that. We're GONNA talk about Google Estadio but first when we talk about a few games we are playing that are not related to star Wars Kirk. Why don't you start us off? Sure I WANNA start off with everybody's his favorite subject a couple of board games seven playing a lot of star wars and the two things. I played that aren't star. Wars to tabletop games. I just want to recommend because they're both fun and I think listeners might like them my tabletop group and I played two games. One called mysterious and one is called concept. Do either of you know either either of these two teams nope okay. They're actually a similar and so I can just really quickly nutshell them both. And they're both really fun Concept is a game where they're both limited information games so concept limited information game where you have a term like. Maybe your term is Batman. And there's a board with a whole bunch of abstract images that can be associated with different things. Sometimes it's like a shape or like You know almost like twenty questions categories. You know an animal a fictional thing and you place these markers on the board that outlined different concepts you can have concepts sub concepts and you're trying to communicate the thing and it gets more and more difficult as you go higher up in tears and it gets really hard. It's a pretty fun game. And it's it's like it's a fun game because you develop a language with everyone that you're playing with so the longer you play the better. You are communicating the ideas to one another. But it's a little bit Is a little bit codewords like that kind of game. It's just gonNA bring that up. Yeah so it's like a more advanced version with this really funny board and there's this whole lexicon and it also also does clever thing that code words doesn't do where the teens you play in teams of two but if you're playing with six people like two people will be giving the clues and then the next two people will be guessing and then the next round it moves around by one so you're always on a different team and you get a different number of points based on guessing cussing which is a cooling. I've never played a game that did that before with teams change every turn. You're not actually on a set team. You just are always working with someone. And then when you're guessing working against someone because you WanNa Guess I so pretty fun game. The other game is mysterious which is also limited information game in this game you are. One person is a ghost and the other people are like psychics. And a seance aunts and the ghost is trying to communicate who killed them and so there's a little clue because you have to guess the killer and the place they killed the person and the weapon but it's also a little light the concept because the way that the ghosts communicates with these beautiful abstract pieces of art. That are on cards. And they're very abstract so you'll be trying to communicate. Okay the Bagpiper guy killed me. And you'll drop like a picture of a weird robot creature like opening a bunch of pipes and you'll have to look at it and think okay. Well there's pipes in this so maybe that's the Bagpiper but it's a robot and so there's also the lady who makes washes and like maybe it's mechanical and so it's it's very weird because there's this abstract layer layer to it and I don't understand how you can actually design a game like this because so much of it is like a group of people you know all the psychics can talk and try to figure out okay. I guess that's what that means. And how do you whether they've gotten it. Correct you allowed to do that. Yes because the ghost cannot talk through the whole game but they can knock and they can knock. Aw once for no and twice for yes seal. Get like they'll point to you and I'm going mom exactly. It's very with people who just like cannot drop its reverse pictionary with beautiful art. That is extremely abstract from the concept. It was so it was very fun. It's a weird game but a fun one and I recommend it so. Those Games are mysterious and concept both very fun games for the holiday. Pretty approachable not super hardcore and there are many would about you other than star wars which we will get to talk about stars in a minute. Yeah I just wanted to shout out. A friend of mine had a birthday party at a fourcade which is a arcade that is also a bar. But I can't call it a barricade because there's a guy who has trademarked the word Arcadia and he has very litigious fact for funny about the word bar. Cade you can Google Google that and find out about that guy whose name I'm forgetting. But he exists anyway if they'd It is a fun location in Boston for anyone who's ever in Boston. It is in the back room behind a Roxie grilled cheese which is like this very hip stree- like fun kinds of cheese you can get and then like there's a secret door secret British door where you can go behind there. And there's a huge arcade and it's also a bar which is fun in and of itself and I just enjoyed playing some games with a lot of people who ordinarily narrowly don't play games and that was sort of the vibe of this party and it meant that I got to play mortal combat to with people who were significantly worse than I am mortal mortal Kombat too but I gave them a lot of pointers. I don't know if you guys have ever been in this position where you're playing a game with a whole lot of people who are significantly worse than you but it can be really fun because has your teaching them how to play the game and you're like doing some move that they don't understand and I really enjoy getting to someone feel very cool getting onto show someone how to do something and then if they actually can do it then they feel great you feel great it can. It can be really really a lesson. I kind of want to play fighting games with you now in. Have you show me how to that would be pretty fun. Fine I just. I'm very much. I there was a time in my life when I was the sort of person who enjoyed just beating people at a fighting game. Never explaining what I was doing that time in my life is very much over and now I am old and enjoy teaching people things and I- delight eight and if I can teach somebody how to do something a game and they can do it. And then they are so excited about it editor. I know right I know the Morpheus yes neo seen in the matrix where you're sitting there blocking all their attacks and like trying to hit morpheus and you're like no try harder they finally hit you and you're like you are the one Tom. I'm picturing. It was exactly like that but also we all had cocktails also like every. Single flashback scene and jet I fall in order. uh-huh Yes yes actually star wars. The young pot wine had to learn from me it was it was great. I'M OBI WAN in this scenario anyway. Jason What is you're playing so real quick so I talked a little bit about late in last week. Layton's mystery journey. which is seventeen game just came out for a switch and I talked about how I rose and showing it? It's I'm still kind of enjoying it. It's a good low impact game gonNA keep playing it but something that I have noticed as I played it more is sat. All of the puzzles are so frigging easy. It's like they. They feel like they're designed for a much younger audience. which makes sense? This was designed for the phone. Originally and presumably it was going to. It was like to appeal to younger. Gamers who may be playing phone and not a played league games before but it's become almost painfully easy to the point where I'm just like the groaning. Every time I deal with the puzzle and it's just like Oh my God what this is over seconds So that's been pretty disappointing especially these games tend to have some fun challenging puzzles and then when they are challenging they're challenging for dumb reasons like there's some stupid trick that you have to notice if the see something that is not easy to see then most people wouldn't see and For example there was one puzzle real quick. That was like it showed a picture of a bookcase like picture. You're looking at a bookcase. And the books are in weird positions so like a few of them might be attached to the top of a particular shelf on the case and so they look like they're like violating gravity and and then maybe a few more attached to the side and a few more attached to the bottom and another shelf and they all just look weird and it's like okay in this bookshelf. What's the minimum number of of books? You would have to glue to their shelf to keep them in place and so I'm looking I'm looking at it. I'm like okay. I'm trying these different guesses and then eventually it it turns out that the answer is zero. Because you're supposed to notice that on the background of the bookshelf. There's like red carpet and it's actually a bookshelf that's position so it's on the floor. Oh really dumb puzzle and you're just like okay that is not satisfying to even. Yeah so yeah. It's been kinda disappointed. May kind of withdraw my recommendation for that one. Even if you're big Layton Fan but I've been just like having fun as like a low impact like playing this before bed while my mind is fried from feeding baby for the past few hours safe again all right. Let's get into the good stuff last. Friday respond the developer behind contain fallen. Apex legends came out with Djeddai Fallen Order. which is the first single player Star Wars game in at least ten years since I think star wars can actress last single players primarily single player right because battlefront who did have a single player campaign right? I'm saying yeah primarily by your only And and then it is a fair to say that it's a pretty good game and we can get into all of the details there. We're not going to spoil the story story or anything like that in large..

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