Will Soda Really Ruin My Teeth?



Abramson grainstuff. It's me Christian Sagar. So there's this urban myth that soda can dissolve a tooth overnight. The Internet has thoroughly busted this. But just because has it's proven that hanging onto a mouthful of Cola for upwards of twelve hours won't hollow out your jaw that doesn't mean you should try it. Soft drinks can indeed damage your pearly early whites. But how and how much well. Let's talk teeth. Your teeth have four basic layers. The route the pope the Denton protecting the pulp. And the Enamel. Tooth Enamel is the hardest tissue. The human body produces it's made up of crystal fibers packed together into a smooth mineral enroll casing or as we call it a crown but unlike your bones enamel is not a living tissue because it's not alive that also means it can't repair parrot self that means it takes damage from daily wear and tear including what we eat and what we drink. There are two types of trouble drinks can cause all over erosion due to the acids they contain and spot decay caused by the bacteria that grow on your teeth. Both come down to a PH imbalance on a scale from zero to Zeno Morph. The human mouth has a pretty neutral ph level. Something around six point eight. The Ph scale itself runs from zero to fourteen with zero being the most acidic fourteen being the most base or alkaline and seven being neutral like pure water some of the bacteria in your mouth are sugar hungry so when you consume sweet stuff like soda. They throw the bacterial equivalent of a House party. They'll link

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