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You can see it and i can't i assume ungrateful because people really especially i think i've been really lucky in scotland like i think we cut we really tend to get behind own sweet succeeding than the woman was a big success up little wooden so people always been been good to his men but i think people i think trying to be a decent guy can deny if you sell them to people generally treat you well but it's just i think again maybe maybe what i'm saying this is because a lot of this stuff things to help you hang with people go drink can go about hansie as well if ya yeah yeah well i've fuel deals loves me i always thought dot com yet to go those go off witchcraft to solve behalf of but i i would say nine times out of ten most people are absolutely lovely and now i agree people drink and they've gotten no fell really ended just tell you the life stories well that's at the heart of the year yeah yeah of course what can you do you got ta go ahead it costs a cost more mole net to be a deck than it does just to be a bit sound i think just so go okay and i'll just opening his if it's five or six minutes argue time if you go six minutes then for cough i but

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