Ranking the Best Wide Receivers in College Football This Season


All let's talk to Tom for Nelly from CBS sports in the athletic you can follow him on Twitter at Tom for Nelly time it's Kristin Adam this evening and if we take a look back on week four of the college football season the most impressive win last weekend was clearly Wisconsin beating Michigan right. yeah I I have a hard time coming up with one that was better I mean that was a situation where Wisconsin had looked really good in its first two games of the season I mean it'd outscored South Florida and central Michigan a hundred and ten to nothing but the problem was it against South Florida central Michigan and we really didn't know how good it was awhile Michigan itself might not be as good as maybe we thought it was going to be before the year at least that's what kinda shaky in the first three weeks that was still Michigan that without the without their in completely dominated on Saturday medicine that I mean that was just it wasn't like a situation where we see with the with the scouts of the past with squeak by one of the better teams the big ten that would that game was never in doubt and it leaves a lot more questions about Michigan and Wisconsin because if you look at the big ten right now I mean I thought going into the season that the west division was going to be wide open but based on what we seem to the first four weeks I'm already ready to write it shake you know Wisconsin's winning that division and it's probably gonna be in Indianapolis putting Ohio state at the to see that I feel like the division to the conference are already settled based on what we've seen so far and on the other side of that Ohio state continues to dominate they look like they're not even missing urban Meyer they're not skipping a beat whatsoever do they look like the team that's most likely going to be representing the big ten in potentially a college football playoff. I I think that if if the big ten is going to play out this year it's it's going to be Ohio state I feel like Wisconsin if they somehow with undefeated and then beat Ohio state in the big ten title game maybe the badges to get it it's just when you look as far as Taylor could level Ohio state is up there with Alabama it's up there with Georgia it's up there with you know Oklahoma cleansing it's a very talented team and the question coming in was with urban Meyer gone with the wind Haskins moving on to the NFL with Ryan day be able to step in and keep things moving in with Justin field step into the offense and you know not have any kind of transition period because well field had been a very highly touted recruit coming out of high school he didn't really play a whole lot while he was still in Georgia and when he did he was typically in special packages re wasn't really being asked to throw the ball much of there were a lot of questions about what he was going to look like in an office with the onus is on it and so far you look fantastic the Ohio state offices with fantastic and more importantly than anything that defense is is phenomenal there are a bunch of NFL draft picks on that Ohio state defense they have a great pass rush defense mensuration August probably going to be somebody who when he leaves scholars and goes in the NFL he will be one of the first five players selected in his draft so when you look at that team on both sides of the ball right now they have the best offense in the big ten and they might have the best defense in the big ten so when you look around it's like it's really hard to think that anybody in that conference is going to be our state but as we've seen in recent years Ohio state always has that one game in the words they just kind of don't show up and they get beat or they get upset so that's gonna be my biggest question with a high state the rest of the season can they avoid that let them give that they always seem to have time for Nelly talk is crisp like an animal Dolly here on ESPN one thousand in the ESPN app you know we covered the Wisconsin part of that came from last weekend but image at in Ann Arbor with Michigan how can they fix is going forward they tried to fix the offense in the off season and clearly it is still broken and now it seems like the deep. this is broken as well. yeah I I think for me the defense right now is the bigger concern because I know that often has not look good but like you said they installed an entirely new offense over the offseason they're not just you know they they're completely trying to change their identity of what they are on offense and through three games they've been dealing with a bunch of injury from the office supply like against army they're missing both their starting tackles they're missing office of wind against Wisconsin and also in the first two games Donovan people Jones their wide receivers probably you know the game breaker on that off at the big play threat he was injured for the first two games as well so we haven't really had a chance to get wrapped together on the field with their first unit offense fully healthy and I think that when you're learning a new offense then you're not getting wraps it's going to show on the field and it has a big say Patterson is also exacerbated the problem because he's have problems adapting any has not played all

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