Michelle Waterson, Tampa And Zhong discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


She's GonNa make the weight as of this moment Michelle Waterson she won't fighter I guess at a catch weight so I don't know what's going on hopefully you'll be able to give us a little more info when we when we get on the phone I don't know how far off she is well when's the fight Saturday in Tampa so it's like she has well there must be an issue there's got to be an issue also another issue while he Zhong has been refused of why is she being refused a visa I love Tulsi Gabbard I don't talk politics on this show because it's not about that but she's probably my favorite at all of them on either party I just like her and I liked the fact that she's going to try to help while the WHO widely Zhong a rush nine oh no not the chain L. I'm talking about political person that you're talking to Tulsi Gabbard she's from Hawaii she's Democratic candidate and she's going to try to help get her the I don't know why she's being denied it's probably some nonsense but there's no way she should be denied she's works saying what is he going to live here legally she's a High Profile Championship fighter destroy champion what is she going to hide out he's

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