What to expect from tonight's Democratic debate in Ohio


Things are having made so it's debate day obviously this is the fourth debate in the Democratic Series of debates for this cycle and obviously there are a few things that are new in this environment than existed in the last three debates one Bernie Sanders is returning from the medical sidelines after supper in a heart attack and having two stents put into his chest so obviously a lot of eyes on him to really since the last debate Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden have emerged into a tier of top two unto themselves they are they've separated themselves entirely from the the pack and while that started to happen in the when they met in September it has just completely formed that way I think in advance of tonight's debate and then of course the biggest change is that this is the first time these Democrats are coming together after Nancy Pelosi launched the impeachment inquiry in earnest in the House of Representatives that's no small thing to have a constitutional crisis going on while candidates come to the debate stage to debate and that's where I want to start with you what what does the having the impeachment of Donald Trump's something all these candidates agree on looming over this debate stage museum for the debate well first of all it's weird to have a debate switch all of the candidates agree that the president needs to be impeached and yet they are all running to run against him in twenty twenty I mean like incongruous it really I well I we've never been in a situation like this before as a country and secondly it really is an awkward to step for some of these they want to show voters that they are ready and tough enough to be up against Donald Trump but at the same time they are trying to argue that trump should be removed from office immediately it also puts a lot of pressure on Joe Biden to to reassure Democratic voters Ah I can't explain to you how much ptsd there is in the electorate right now people are afraid of Hillary Clinton from Hillary Clinton from two thousand sixteen voters are genuinely afraid that that there's going to be some kind of weakness in whoever they nominate that trump is going to explode eight in the same way that he tried to exploit the email saga for Hillary Clinton and Biden's challenge right now is ensuring voters that this issue with Ukraine and Hunter Biden and whether or not it was just a mistake or a lapse of judgement but not anything that was was what was ethically wrong or corrupt is something that he can handle that is not going to become an Achilles heel for him and right now I don't think we're GonNa see a lot of the candidates exploiting that really fully tonight I think many of them agreed don't do Donald Trump's work for him but at the same time I think for voters AH signaling is so important for Biden to just make them feel better about that situation yeah it's hard to imagine that if you were designing a campaign playbook and Tori that you would have chosen to have hunter Biden gave an interview on the morning of this debate you reference some of the things he said I want you to hear a little bit Hunter Biden on ABC's Good Morning America this morning as he faced to these questions about his service on these foreign boards while his dad vice president I think that it was because I don't believe now when I look back on it I know that there was an did nothing wrong at all however was poor judgment to be in the middle of something that is a swamp in in many ways and so I take I take full responsibility for that do I did I do anything improper no now as you know abby in all CNN's reporting of the story there has been no wrongdoing found in the way that donald trump alleged whatsoever on the part of Joe Biden or hundred Hunter Biden is getting adhere isn't the wrongdoing of taking money or somehow Joe Biden trying to fire prosecutor for his sons on son's behalf what hundred saying here that he gets the optics of this were terrible it seems and it I don't oh you took away from Joe Biden over the weekend but when the former vice president announced his policy that if he were to be president no family member associate would be allowed to serve on a foreign entity to me that's an implicit acknowledgement that what he did is vice president was wrong yeah it's really tricky to say I would never do this again and also say I don't think there was anything wrong with it if there was something wrong with it then there should be no problem with doing it again so it's tricky but I do think it was the right move for for Biden to make because I don't think you're gonNA find many democratic of his rivals saying oh it's perfectly fine for the scenario to repeat itself in the future in fact Liam then many and said they would not allow this so I also think you know the timing of this Hunter Biden interview was just really I it was incredible I will say there was a Republican operative who suggested to me that maybe the timing was not so bad that maybe what this really does is it helps Joe Biden really be on the front end of this saying he's already talked about it here's what we're GONNA do I've answered the question wins shutting it down at the beginning of this process maybe that's true but I also think that there's a great amount of risk in the former vice president on who was not really a political person who's had all kinds of twists and turns in his own personal life being out there just having a lengthy free willing interview in which he's talking about kinds of things yeah I I do think all of our reporting from the campaign indicates a this was not something that they initiated and organized but something they were aware of and what seems pretty clear to me is once they knew that hundred was going to sit down and do this interview and they understood when it was going to air that's when I think they packaged the rest of rollout of the ethics plan of saying that he wouldn't allow this administration to to your Republican operatives point is you're saying I do think they packaged around the maybe not so desirable timing one hundred Biden interview to just put out what indeed the vice president's plan would be as as president and I just want to pick up on something you said I think you are one hundred percent right I can't imagine any of his Democratic rivals trying to go there in some way with him on this so supportive of of this notion but I do want to just tease out a bit more of why I agree with you that it is an awkward dance for somebody told voters I am the one that can beat Donald Trump and rally the Liberal Party that Donald Trump should be removed from office right now I that is a tough message to sell them I just am curious when you've been on the trail have you heard a candidate hit that better than another candidate of how to sell those two things you know honestly it does not feel like many of them are are delving into the incongruence of that too much the candidates right now know that the desire among the base to talk about impeachment is very high and to support impeachment is very high and Senate Democrats who are running for president who are on the Senate Judiciary Committee who might have a role in bringing witnesses forward on the Senate side and I think they're trying to use that you say well I can prosecute you know this is a Comma Harris Line I can prosecute the case right now in addition to next November if Donald trump is

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