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Conway: White House ready to "go on offense" in impeachment trial


The president has said he wants a trial in the Senate but then others at the White House say they're not even sure Democrats move ahead with impeachment what exactly are you preparing for were preparing for both eventualities and here's why market if we if it does go to trial in the Senate and that is not certain right now you've got a lot of Democrats wringing their hands that they did not see as well heard a moderate Democrat and sees a lot of Republican he's retiring this year said he did not see overwhelming compelling clear and convincing evidence many there's Democrats especially the ones who represent the thirty one trump pens districts in sixteen they have to go back home and say I know I promised to lower your drug prices and I promise to keep this great out a Connie going I know promised trade deals like US MCA but we're busy impeaching a president and they're getting blow back for that so I think for those Democrats there it's not completely certain yes some of them actually on the record saying I'm not there yet I have to see what the article saying what the report is but we know what they didn't see this over twelve witnesses in two weeks of testimony ever thirty hours they didn't hear anybody say when they were asked bribery no extortion no quid pro quo for the eight no preconditions for meeting did the president commit a crime no no no every time the closest they got to it was someone in his prepared remarks saying he thought there was a quid pro quo for a meeting they had the meeting on September twenty second in in in New York and also the eight it went to Ukraine earlier than that so they got their aid they've got javelins and cyber rifles the Ukrainian policy under president trump is better than it was previously and Ukraine has more aid so what someone you mention their Hutu testified he he laid at a few different things there are but I'm wondering you know he serves the pleasure of the president is he going to keep his job despite testifying against him he flew right back into Brussels Belgium I don't know the testified against a present again I need to remind the viewer is that when the song was when investors on was asked by Adam Schiff I guess was waiting for a different response I was so the quid pro quo is for the eighty thousand know the quid pro quo was for a meeting or a statement ambassador Volker sekali testified they abandon the whole idea of making a statement to focus on the eight that was very smart because Ukraine got its eight market we simply can't impeach and remove a democratic elected president from office because you didn't meet him and they didn't beat him twenty sixteen they have a clue how to be a twenty twenty they don't much like and I think that in the if there is a Senate trial will be able to that'll be more familiar to most Americans this process is unfamiliar to them where the pricing and even have sense of the witnesses the present could even have his own attorneys in there and that's that's not very fair to the quote defend it but I think defense hold on offense if there is a Senate trial and they'll be it will be able to call witnesses will be able to challenge their witnesses produce other evidence and those witnesses may include the whistle blower and I would say his attorney because his attorney mark state had an email or text ten days after inauguration saying the coup begins now

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Conway: White House ready to "go on offense" in impeachment trial

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