Britain And How Bigger And Smaller Cities Deal With Leaving


Okay well finally on the news panel there is a perfectly makeable case pretty much every conflict of time with a military or political or cultural is to some extent or another a conflict between the city and the country between that is those who choose to live in cities which tend towards the liberal multicultural and those who prefer the country which tends to conservative and homogeneous the only one of Britain's big cities which voted leave in two thousand sixteen for example was Birmingham and that by a wafer rish margin an Indian social enterprise called grassroots that's our a ut es reckons it might have a solution they are organizing home stays in rural villages for Indian urbanites some point is and it's a reasonable point that there has been more royal the has been an enormous migration from the country in India to the increasingly -versities there are still literally hundreds of millions of people living in rural India who the the more powerful cities tend to forget about on that basis is this a good idea personally I think yes I think that's a problem that not only India has book globally we have and I think the way the world is changing in that way that we're living in the way we developing technology is an increase in this spotlight on CICI's on major complicities and I think that's going to be a problem for everyone I mean Indian population is huge which there is so much potential in the countryside and in rural areas that I think it would be it would be kind of wrong of them to to not focus on and not do something with that and I know there's an argument about is this kind of taking advantage but when I look at an competitor when I look and obviously we don't have the same population but when look at brexit and the the mass device that we have in our country now so much of the is because there is just this massive disconnect I grew up in Newcastle which has the other end of the country and me and so many of my friends have ended up in London because every absolutely nothing for us in Newcastle and that sorry that might sound yeah I say absolutely no I'm going to stay in London for if you're looking for certain things if you want kind of rise and if your ambitious there's just not that same level in in the cities and that's why I think yes absolutely need folks on the rest of the city's but being the case should should have program like grassroots also operating in the other direction should they be bringing people in from rural areas to live in big cities forbidden see see if they like it you can definitely let's call it an exchange right purr purr like a student exchange I don't know I think I I think the main problem is people will always flock to big cities naturally because of opportunity so if you start building up more rural areas or offering alternative kind of ways of income of life of kind of divergent things then I think that's always going to balance out and it should be Jonathan is ultimately the that divide between the city in the country reconcilable because I wasn't I don't think being entirely preposterous earlier in setting that up as the basis for for most modern conflicts you could certainly apply dynamic to the civil war in Bosnia for example to the civil war in Iraq and many many others these are all substantially conflicts between the urban and the rural and of course Mazzi thome believed let's get the over in youth back to the country and somehow we'll say comme rouge they will become pure and wonderful and that's the danger you can idealize I think the countryside Assad and I'm not sure I think Indian initiative has much to be said for it but is this basically just a short time tourism for overnights in a twee rural setting and he's that is very negative not even though is is it. R&B basically in the Indian village if it starts something wider than I definitely a case for it and it has to start somewhere if it starts with tourism than short why not you have to be careful about which benign take to visit exactly countryside for fear of reinforcing all the worst stereotypes they were Iran maybe it's not always about taking people from the city into the countryside maybe is about well let's just put our attention folks resources into those areas and how we can develop and so people naturally wants to be in those spaces I moved from Newcastle to have wanted to be in that space right how do we build up some our daddy and Jonathan Fenby thank you you both for joining us you're listening to the briefing monocle twenty four

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