Gut bacteria prefer to chow down on certain dietary fibers


Now speaking of the field of aging we have a leading scientists in research in the field of aging are with us right now a doctor Michael Lewis garden and I just want to give you his website before we do anything it's Michael well the normal way am I CH a E. L. L. U. S. T. G. A. R. T. E. N. dot com and we will also have that on our website of course and he is a scientist a Tufts University and the human nutrition research center on aging so his research when it comes to an interest in is specifically about aging and that he sees a problem the problem is our guts he's written a book about it I'll tell you all about that in a minute but I want to go to the doctor right now. why are you concentrating on microbes in the god of microbial health and what does that have to do actually with the science of better H. R. two so to jump into that I should say that about five years ago I didn't care about microbes bacteria viruses on that I didn't care about any of it he didn't walk in on my radar at all I started off studying blood predictors of muscle mass and function in older adults and when I was doing that I published several papers that identified bacterial metabolites in the blood that were either positively or negatively associated with muscle mass and function in older adults so that led me into the idea of well maybe the cop microphonics playing some role on stark Pina and based on that I was able to get some studies funded and as you saw at the conference I publish that recently published some of that data on the role of got microbiome on muscle strength but there are a bit in emerging field right now the will of the gut microbiome on the government's lack of muscle mass and functions where three papers and mine support paper so far this year have identified microbes for real for the gut microbiome on muscle mass and functions so it's an emerging a rapidly emerging feel dope now in terms of nutrition that potentially can optimize that the most obvious place to start would be with dietary fiber in the reason for that is because our humans don't have the enzymes to digest dietary fiber dietary fiber passes into your large intestine and then bacteria in your large intestine convert those those fibers into short chain fatty acids so basically very short little fat but you don't you don't normally get from diet with the exception of something they like water which may have small amounts of the short chain fatty acid butyric but very low amount compared to what you could convert from five or so then once these bacteria make short chain fatty acids does ready I go from the inside of the intestine into the intestinal cells which can aren't test motels the mitochondria particular use those short chain fatty acids to make energy that energy is used to improve got barrier function which is important for keeping stuff that was in the inside of the intestine from going into the blood and that's important because during aging that that. got here actually decreases so if you have a low fiber diet your body will be able to have optimal intestinal barrier function more stuff that inside the intestines will leak into the blood potentially activating information information of all kinds of nasty things sore muscles are green all the issues in our blood so again port place to start in terms of optimizing our health and longevity is optimized dietary fiber intake that's the core theme of the book and I should also I didn't start off with that idea and that approach the idea and the that is default through the literature I basically changed my diet after going down this road do you have a super high fiber diet rabbit close to a hundred grand five a day triple the RDA so that I can optimal got very function and you know improve systemic functions. so you thought your listening now and you know that there's a tremendous amount of information both technical and practical and I won just give you the website again that that is the doctor or scientist website Michael lust Garten L. U. S. T. G. A. R. T. E. N. dot com and it again this is not coming from the world of selling supplements this is coming from the world of science research both in the laboratory and personally so now let's get practical for a second I every morning I take my flax seeds and I put them in my yogurt alright I take my chia seeds and I put it in my smoothie but I don't think I have anything compared to the amount that you're putting into your body and is there anything country indicating them and these are the ways that you're suggesting people get the dietary fiber. so flak he can be a great way to get increase your fiber but the foundation of my diet is a few festivals not in terms of fiber content per calorie nothing beats the fiber density vegetables and a happy post on this on my blog by compared the fiber and not just five or ten nutrient density of vegetables compared to all green calorie for K. per calorie per calorie nothing beats vegetables opt for fiber and nutrient density so when I eat vegetables I'm not eating a few for the broccoli and meeting a pound or more actually sorry. Graham a more actually yesterday I had eleven hundred grams broccoli morning in addition to other stocks so a meeting if you divide the best schools to get this fiber goal but I should mention I'm not vegan I'm not a vegetarian I do eat the meat ID with some dairy I can be to make but at the end of the day for me it's more than just a simple dietary ideology way say go high fiber for me back to work and I know that because like I said I track my diet in a truck my circulating biomarkers it'll lower fiber diet was able to optimize my biological age then I I promote that too but for me what works best for me is a very high fiber diet in terms of optimizing got help and biologically. so let me just tell everybody that. when tell and Mikael when Dr Michael it's gotten speaks people listen so are also remember these scientists and part of his experiment is himself which is what makes him so unique in the scientific world and I will tell you that his overall and I'm reading his book and you should always book microbial burden a major cause of aging and age related disease easy to get on Amazon I put on my kindle it was a pleasure to read on the plane all the other day and I learned a lot but the fact is that his over arching words are no that I self sees very much like the oracle at Delphi no they sell and he knows himself because he keeps testing and so this doesn't mean you go out and and you do this but I tell you what I did do doctor I went out and I would have had to carry. you said so that was the only way yeah. we're gonna come back in a couple of seconds and I'm I do want to talk about that how we can as a practical matter could some of what you have learned and you learn things that are very impressive and work for most people to different degrees out into our diets properly and that were also does look a little bit about the idea of nutrition as we get older because they're even changing that concept when it comes to surgery used to tell you not to eat that's changing we'll be back in just to get you

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