The Suitcase Murder


Welcome to hurry. I'm Jill and I'm Dick the bill and Melanie McGuire were an attractive couple in their thirties. They had two young sons to successful careers and they just disclosed and a five hundred thousand dollar home when bill disappeared. Melanie told their friends that they had fought on the night when they closed on their new home bill bill had physically attacked her and walked out telling her he was done with her buildings seem like the type of guy who would hit his wife and lead his children behind but Melanie insisted that he had hit her and walked out on his family. She even went to court and took out a restraining order against bill as the days passed did no one heard from bill. Melanie appeared to be moving on with her life without him but bills family and friends were worried bill had been a gambler may get pissed off the wrong people then a bizarre story got everyone's attention. I A Kenneth Cole suitcase was found in Virginia Beach and it contained aimed a pair of bloodless male human legs that had been severed at the knees one week later Virginia Beach Police recovered a second suitcase that was part of the same in Kenneth Cole set it held a five pound weight black trash bags and more human remains this time it was a man's head in torso but here this man was and when he had been killed were still unknown then the third last suitcase was recovered within two weeks it contains the man's hips and thighs. Virginia Beach Police launched an extensive investigation to identify the victim and identified him as Bill McGuire join us at the quiet in today for a very haunting case that became known as the suitcase murder well respected fertility nurse Melanie he McGuire was accused of her husband's murder and dismemberment and she faced life in prison. Although her attorney would argue her innocence a complex unraveling reveling of the facts would reveal a twisted murder plot which grew from infidelity greed and hate New Jersey case means new New Jersey near yeah figured I'm assuming she killed him in New Jersey. That's the belief yes. She didn't dump his body parts in New Jersey. I don't think now aw but the killing was done so I picked a beer called head high which is brewed by Kane Brewing Company in Ocean New Jersey Far Southern Jersey assist the shore head high is an American. It A in at six point six percent alcohol by volume pretty nice beer hazy orange colour. You're a whitehead some pretty lace aroma of citrus and pine. We have a citrus taste upfront grapefruit and tangerine primarily then some pine nine overlaps and Caramel Mo- nicely hop beer good bitterness the nice beer more vo west coast. IPA TRY IT. That sounds Cilicia. I love that kind of beer. This is your Beer Jill. Yes okay. Let's open that up right away. All right lead the way why down to the quiet end in you can begin our story. Bill McGuire was born in nineteen sixty four in river edge. New Jersey the two older sisters his father worked as a pressman for the New York. Times and his mother stayed home with kids. A billy was the baby of the family family. He got a lot of attention. Here's a cute but very rambunctious kid now when he was four years old his parents divorced bill's mother had to take a job to support the children so she worked the night shift wild bill's oldest sister. Cindy babysat her siblings the Mon- Work Six nights a week so Sunday began to feel like she was a second mother to Bill Leeann. I think bill really looked at her that way even as an adult or you're she had a very maternal influence on his life and when bill was twelve his sister. Cindy moved out and married a guy named bill. Gosh he was an older man who was a pharmacist first and then bills other sister. Nancy moved out as well. Their parents had divorced and remarried a few times so it was very unstable. Environment Sir remarried controller yes back and forth while and Nancy would later accused their father of sexually abusing her too so there's a lot going on in the home sounds work so bill went to Catholic school and he was a decent B. Student. He was quite outgoing and a lot of friends when he was just fifteen ran ran away from home and went to live with Cindy and her husband and he did live with them for a while but eventually left after not following all of her household rules because Cindy was strict then after that he went to his sister Nancy but she didn't have room for him so for awhile bill lived with his high school coach and then he lived with the family of one of his best friends so this is kind of a hard scrabble life he had in his teens assurances. Just been a Roman around yeah. Yeah doesn't have any stability really not much now and we're not really sure what was going on in the home that he felt like he had to run away but it was probably tumultuous between the parents. I mean just the fact that they were together the not together then together the not together. I mean that's that's in stable ripple enough her unstable enough by itself. Yes absolutely so bill was living with his friend. Lenny and his parents and Lenny's twelve year old sister Marcie Darcy got a really big crush on bill so after graduating in nineteen eighty two bill joined the navy thought it would give him some direction in life leaving both his high school girlfriend behind and young Marcy. He broke two hearts when he left the navy bill made friends with a guy named Joe Rice Ace. He was another recruit who was three years older at first. Joe Thought that bill was kind of obnoxious because he was always showing off and telling jokes but then the two men eventually became close friends and bill was very well dressed and bought himself a Camaro which he shouldn't have been able to afford he would admit to Joe that he was opening up checking accounts in fake names and writing bad checks in order to finance the lifestyle that he wanted to live Marino. I got certain needs in my life. I'm just gonNA write checks. I think that's the way he looked at it and remember this is a guy who didn't have much guidance right and he he was really taken with having things that he had had growing up so not to make excuses because it really wasn't a good thing to do of course of course yeah but now that's what he did so in nineteen eighty five. I guess he's been in the service for about three years at this point bill's girlfriend from back home. Lisa flew down in Norfolk to Sam on a weekend. Leave a few months later bill visit Lisa in Vernon New Jersey but their relationship came to an end over well he was in New Jersey Bill. Marcy asked her out on a date and then he and Marcie gradually became a couple and kept in touch with pitcher yes so after Joe Rice married his girlfriend he told bill about how much more money would be making his naval marriage benefits his income nearly doubled after near his girlfriend and then it wasn't too long after that when bill decided to ask Marcie Mary him so a lot of people thought bill just did that to make more money. Let's the impression absolutely his buddies. Tahoe are almost doubled my income so bill's Franken. That's brewing right. We'll marcy was younger though she just graduated from high school but she was very very taken with bill and she accepted did his proposal and she moved down to Virginia to live with bill and to go to College Marsin Bill secretly married in a civil ceremony and then they moved into into a one bedroom apartment together nineteen ninety bill left the navy after earning his associate's degree from tidewater Community College Bill Dylan Marcy Move to Edison New Jersey and he started attending rutgers university where he was going to study pharmacology bill and Marcy moved into an apartment and both took jobs in local restaurants to pay the bills but bill is unhappy then he wanted to split up nineteen ninety two he left. Marcy surprised her. I guess pretty much broker heart 'cause the next two years. She tried to win him back but bill never looked back at Marcy. Who's WHO's dating new women again almost right away after the break-up yeah he had already really checked out of the marriage and then in the summer of nineteen ninety four for a friend of bills introduced him to Melanie slate. The two were attracted to each other and they seem to have a lot in common. They seem to really make a good match. Watch so a little bit about Melanie. Melanie Lynn slate was born in nineteen seventy two in Ridgewood New Jersey. Her father left her mother. When Melanie Melanie was still a baby and then he died a few years later from cancer. Melanie's mother Linda moved back into her appearance on with her daughter and Melanie's Janis Aunts and grandmother helped to raise her her mother. Linda can you to her secretarial job in Manhattan and that's where she began having an affair with her boss Michael Caporetto and that would last for years and Years Melanie grew up beside Michael Cap narrows son Michael Junior and and when Captain Aero finally left his wife he and his son moved in with Linda Melanie but it certainly wasn't the ideal childhood. Her doesn't sound black. Does it now so the kids would go along with Lyndon Michael when they went to Atlantic City Michael Junior and Melanie. You were usually left alone in hotel. Rooms are pretty lengthy times while appearance gambled Michael Senior was such a high stakes gambler learn they were often given comte hotel suites in room service for the children. SA- gambling really can be a serious addiction. WHOA course I've never never really known anyone that has it by Sir with sound of surprise well after I read about this I looked into some other issues with that and children and there is a problem in Atlantic City and Las Vegas of people just Kinda dumping their kids and running off to gamble for days at a time were very often read stories about the type of thing apparent has come the gamble and just dump the kids somewhere. You're gives them a few dollars. Say go under around how fine the gamble one. I think forget about their kids. They get so involved in it because there have been instances was reading about where children have been molested or even kidnapped napped. You know little girls using the restroom in a casino by themselves ECORSE. That's not why s- some horrible things have happened because of this so the only thing I can think is it must be a very strong addiction like drugs for people to leave their kids like that sure immune. A lot of these people are normally holly good parents but this is how Michael and Melanie grew up with a lot of that now even though their parents had some money and they were comps suites they were still abandoned on their own so they became very self sufficient these kids. I guess that's the good part about it. Melanie was really an excellent student and issue reached her teens. She was a beautiful girl. She had long wavy brown hair and a petite figure. She became very self confident and was very flirtatious with the boys at school. Some of the other girls disliked her but melanie had an outward kind. Mr Mr Personality too and she often took weaker girls under her weighing in offered advice on advice and support now. She is an attractive woman you you compare it to an actress. who was that well at Harry? I just mentioned that she looked like what's her name. Marielle and Muster Antonio Veterinary Curry something master Antonio Okay so an actress from like the eighties here yeah yes so she's a good looking woman and she had a lot of freedom when she she was a teenager so that could be a bad combination all this free of within attractive teenage girl she last virginity on a trip to Mexico when she was just thirteen eighteen years old because she and Michael Junior were going out to nightclubs and bars they were just on their own on these vacations so she hooked up with with a Lerman lost her virginity at a young age and then Melanie also began to gamble and she became promiscuous. She slept with older teens when young men who buttered gifts and took her out to fancy restaurants. She was almost like an escort in her teens with some of these older guys and she was his proud of it. She bragged about having affairs with two of her married high schoolteachers as well something to brag about. Isn't it on your teenage girl. You don't the better chance right.

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