U.S. stocks drift lower in premarket as oil surge pauses


Stan stocks are heading lower in premarket trading although the price of oil is easing off after a whopping gain on the Saudi oil facility attacks the nearly fifteen percent gain of more than eight dollars to nearly sixty three dollars a barrel was the biggest single day gain in eleven years while the overall market was down oil and defense stocks posted strong gains on the vulnerability of Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure and the potential threat of war with Iran airline accrue stocks were hammered on the oil spike oil prices are moving lower but Saudi Arabia state owned oil company Aramco is reportedly growing less optimistic about a quick restoration of its services following the attacks which hold at five point seven million barrels per day in output while it could take months for Ramco to fully get production back up to speed other countries including the U. S. are expected to try and make up for that hit to global supplies boil down about one and a quarter percent right now at just over sixty two dollars a

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