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Of the cyber truck? Oh Musk's thing I think it's interesting I think I don't know somebody took a delorean and a friend of mine. Look a lot like like a Pontiac has tech. Yes yes definitely SORTA got whacked with an ugly stick. I think but I wonder. If that's the point I don't think's GonNa look like that when it's ships One of my initial thoughts was yeah. This thing is ugly but have you looked at a lot of the pickup trucks. Lately that SORTA BECOME A in my mind the pickup trucks to become kind of like swollen caricatures of themselves. They're they're all bulky in and and in the rippling and gigantic so If if money was looking to make a splash and make something that. That's going to to grab attention. This is going to do that. I think checking here is you're talking. David says just the dimension so it's I twenty two hundred and thirty one point seven inches long K.. And seventy nine point eight inches wide and seventy five inches tall with seeding or six. Then that's an article on CNN and it says let's compare that to the Ford F.. One fifty one of the author Augier monsters that you were just talking about right. So the Ford F.. One fifties two. Oh nine to two fifty long. is In the same range two hundred and thirty one inches long so same length was in. I think the standard is you gotta be able to put a four H.. Sheet of plywood in the back. That's the minimal. I think the minimum viable product for a full-size pickup truck. Is You've got to be able to put a four by sheet for by age sheet of plywood in the back in anything Smaller than that. And you're not in the ball game in terms of. That's my understanding. I'm not a full size pickup so guiding to this it's essentially saying that it It goes through the rest of the dimensions. Give them to you if you care about. It says that puts it pretty much in the same company is every other pickup out there. This is right so from from a technology point of view the thing about electric cars. Is They have torque.

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