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Look as always brought you by Hugh fantastic corporation we know metals and plastics inside and out there were now being joined by Michigan state assistant defensive backs and freshman I coach turned Samuel Terence how you doing and it looks like we're gonna get another no rain day that it does look like you do a good and feeling great ready to go right try to get this window before well before we talk about the new year's now the coach these guys number one ten address about how the players feel about that they feel good about it I think so I think we you know like that I think we all in a good place I use the we know in the end is going to be a really good team they're going to be really efficient what they what they do but we gotta do we do as as pardons and and I think you know like long as we stay true to what we do with this plan and communicate both sides of the ball we're going to be alright well there are two it's kind of gets me to my next question as soon as we can see from the stats room in the end is been somewhat heavy with us pass in terms of its offer it's not so much with the run does that affect your game plan overall or does it make any difference no no it really doesn't but you I mean you can minimize what the running back does you know they're running back they have is really good really physical so you know we have to make sure we take that away then of course you know we've got to be really good sound you know what I communication and eyes and second here so long as we do that you know because we know that the class the body can be really efficient passes but like said never taking that run for granted well thank you talked about taking something away if there was one thing you could take away from that Indiana office what would it be. well how about just not let either one is quarterback how about that I'm. that would be good yeah but but it was for the most part I mean like I said as long as we do we need to do and they were solid you know we're fine we're going to do good it's just a matter of like that and whatever they do I like the we repair for something if all of those things we just need to play sound Terence before I let you go he said this one and maybe some of your final thoughts heading into game two of the big ten season continue to play solid on on defense do we do you know but special teams got to be big force we got to minimize those penalties minimize mistakes on special teams that we do that especially as well as you know like sixteen panel will force is always good luck and thanks Terrence research very much okay those are comments from Terence stamp your M. issues assistant defensive backs and head freshman coach and that's our lessons I look at the Spartans thank you Hugh brown and sons incorporated we know metals and plastics inside and out back with more of the spine pregame show in a moment as you're listening to the fax sports presentation of them as you put I can't remember when he didn't smoke he would go outside I'd be bored my wife was the key driver into me getting away from that in switching I think I have gotten a piece of my life back when I started with jewel he is still in the house whenever he wants it.

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