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For no time to die the twenty fifth bond movie now that if if true is a left field choice I mean it's always good to get some rising talents. Maybe well this guy checks ready. I had never heard of them but says here in his wikipedia that his song candlelight peaked at number seventy and the UK singles charts in two thousand and nineteen so that's good listen. Maybe this is a question that maybe this is a case of they've gone down the road of inviting people to contribute songs and unlike like with the radiohead silence myth to buckle. They've actually chosen the better song this time so it might be that this is an absolutely an absolute belter. The sounds song won an Oscar is awful one of the worst bond themes and the radio had one of the root for that movie for Spector was great so go with that but you know maybe maybe what's happening here but I'll be honest. I didn't think sting was thing so the fact that he might be back singing. I'm

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