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Let's get into the story of Randy Lanier the weed racer yes. Yeah Oh Randy. Lanier was born in Lynchburg Virginia on September. Twenty second nineteen fifty four. His family moved to Broward County Florida when he was thirteen. There were few things a good old boy such as randy loved more than pot. He would frequently sneak out of school just ahead to the beach and smoke smoke. Do by the age of fifteen. He was selling pot to his classmates. Even after he dropped out of high school he would continue to sell to his. GED Randy would say honestly. I didn't even think about it as drug dealing it was just a way. Okay for me to smoke without having to pay for Kumon tally. When did you first smoke? Pot Yeah Probably fourteen fourteen I think at that point I was too afraid of it because like there is on on my way to school. There is a tunnel that went under a freeway. Go through and like that's where like the the Estonians of the burnout so by smoke and they all kind of frightened me a little bit rightfully so they were kind of rough kids but I I it was never about that in high school. I thought like I think looking back on. It was pretty like dude intervene. Kinda like weird. I couldn't wait to smoke pot. Yeah Yeah I would've smoked pot way earlier if I were popular enough to have any friends. Yeah like years later I realized tons of kids I knew were smoking weed and they were like totally cool but it was just like those tunnel. Kids'll uh-huh scared me away from it is the first time I smoked was in college On top of a parking garage that was across the street from our dorm And of course like it was out of an apple. Of course yeah I think everybody's I Branches out of an apple and of course it didn't have any effect act on me and then the second time it did me and my boy tyler went back to our dorm room and we did freestyle raps over McNamara. She's a few hours. That's that's the way to do it. It was very sick. I mean when I was a kid like we'd culture was just so much it was just painted in such a different way. Yeah you know like it's fly out of lax with weed in your pocket. They were like we don't care some of these stores. La Look like the frigging apple store like men and it's crazy and it's like it's very convenient and you don't. You don't feel weird about buying pot but I feel like I definitely like missed out on like that. Like illicit elicit like. Yeah I used to smoke such crappy pot but the fact that there are people making billions of dollars off a weed right now and still people serving life sentences for possession national or selling is a huge problem that we should address maybe an another another day on another episode pats anyway it by the age of Nineteen Randy began working for construction company where he continued to sell it. Because he's not only a jug. Dili's Kinda just like a lazy like he's he jug dealer because like I don't know who's round man overtime it's clientele grew increasing the size of orders as well as prophets as sports illustrated. PUT IT in time. Joints turned into Baggies baggies. Turned into bag bags turned into bricks. rix became bales ails sales of a push. teed Johnston the BAGGIES. I can't do it slow anyway. Now it's hard. He's very good to the one thousand nine year. Old Randy drug dealing was the most promising opportunity yet he said. Let's just say I was definitely making more money. Then I made Neilan boards all day. I believe one of his last purchases on his first I just want to point out. How like good? This dude is at just sound clips. Yeah you know like yeah. Very romantic quotes. Yeah yeah one of his first purchases with his newfound wealth was a twenty seven foot magnum sports speedboat. He purchased for eighteen grand. Initially the boat was only. I used recreationally. He would jump waves and just you know cruise around there but before long an associate recommended he put that boat vote into quote commercial. Use like selling ice cream from the boat. James I doubt it. Oh I looked up these magnum votes This speedboat in particular is like so cool yeah just long as hell low fast. They're sick this guy's cool and and just like that Randy lanier move from being a low level drug dealer to a mid level trafficker in the timing. Couldn't have been better It it was the early nineteen seventies. It was a smuggler's Paradise Man. It was like the pirate days trafficking into the US specifically really from Columbia was still unknown. Threat that would soon become one of the biggest drug crazed sees in US history and a new exotic strain of marijuana called Colombian Colombian gold was being grown on Colombia's Guajira peninsula and it was beginning to flood the American black market. The arrival of Colombian gold fueled fueled a boom in America. Known as La Bonanza meeting. Better the mayor which loosely translates into the marijuana. Bonanza guys we gotTA Marijuana Bonanza Hands. Of course Florida was the best place to import such a large amount by the early eighties. About three quarters of the United States marijuana supply originated from Columbia Razi in his first mission. He he went to the Bahamas to pick up one ton of marijuana. So you're gonNA see like yeah I'm going to grab my boat to the middle of the ocean and pick pick up a ton of pot two thousand pounds a week it's crazy Randy showed up to these specified coordinates in the middle of the ocean and another other. Bigger boat would pull up next to them and the the we yeah. What's up guys like? And they transferred all the bales from the big boat into the whole of Randy's speedboat and then he would get the hell out of there all right thanks town to go back toot sweet right. I picture him just like wearing a cowboy like no shirt gene short. I'm imagining as not to become a in in the story from now. Yeah I think that's a good way to imagine This this technique was super common speedboats. Like Randy's were fast enough to evade the long long arm of the law and it wasn't difficult for smugglers to slip up the intercoastal waterway and hide a labyrinth of Florida swamps. According to a report one trafficker could earn a return investment of around one hundred fifteen percent so it made sense for randy to do this with a speedboat and naturally after you know I mean it sounds like this is like trying to get people to do it which they probably were you can get a return of one hundred and fifty. Why don't you come to this lunch at the Holiday Inn? And I'll I'll tell you all about a way that you can get up to one hundred and fifteen percent return on your investment with one Boron. We'll even Lisa the boat. Yeah very reasonable reasonable interest rates. Naturally ready was hooked. He did this trip. He did this kind of trip often. In spite of risks linear loved tempting fate eight and living on the edge of disaster for Kenny loggins lurk he had multiple close calls including one time almost sinking his boat as it was way down down so much by marijuana despite everything he frequently alluded capture by the US coastguard and received a twenty five percent. Cut of his delivery. Delivery seems like a lot. I mean he's taking all the risks to me. That's I guess he was just like a runner yes he wasn't dealing to the public anymore. Now he's there's like a guy from the ocean is a post mates for we. Yeah in a in a way. Yeah do you post Manson anymore. I use post meets way too much. I try to be waste free But you know sometimes you just you just want to pack of EMINEM. I know in one thousand nine hundred ninety six at the age of twenty two Lanier married his high school sweetheart. Pam uh-huh with her help. He opened a jet ski and boat rental shop near Fort. Lauderdale as a front to launder the money and present an air of legitimacy gene under the guise of a boat rental shop he soon purchased a sixty five foot trawler. I looked. I looked up with these are trawlers are basically really big boats votes There could be like recreational trawlers or fishing trawlers. Like just imagine a sixty five foot boat milk you can look it up Your you'll probably imagine the right thing. It's a big big boat with low. Yeah he got one of those with Got A lot of room. That's bigger than I thought. Yep Yep sixty five feet him with a boat this thing that is a thick composed he could smuggle directly from Columbia. No longer having to stop open meet a A mothership down to the Bahamas with each delivery he made with a sixty five foot boat he could smuggle over eighteen thousand pounds sounds of pot into the US that allowed sweet sweet dreams Enoug- soon despite massive quantities. He has now smuggling he was always smart smart about it. Never visiting import twice in a row. He would load up in the port of Santa Marta in Colombia and he would either doc in the US in in New Orleans San Francisco and sometimes bridgeport Connecticut Far Ways up the coast. Yeah I mean just looking at those three locations locations that's a huge spread Like some of those trips could take like a week. Some of them can take like three weeks to get there. You know that's crazy. Yeah smuggling muddling much like racing and comedy is all about timing Lanier loved loved the adrenaline rush of almost being caught doing something so illegal but he needed more one day while visiting an auto show that was taking place. Within the Miami Ame Convention Center Linear stumbled upon a booth that was sponsored by a local driving club. He immediately realized that racing would give him the high he needed and impulsively possibly signed up and that is when the racing career of Randy Lanier started in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight at the age of twenty four to the guys. I'm twenty six now. You don't even own one boat. I don't own a boat. Never smuggled shifts this dudes in his third career now. Yeah he started out as like get drug dealer. And he's a drug trafficker now owns a boat rental company. That's three and now he's like you know what man I think. I'm going to give this race car driving the try. It's awesome randy bought in nineteen fifty-six Porsche three five six speedster for seventy five hundred bucks and competed in the production class races at the SCC a southeast regional championships. Although he had no clue what he was doing he was a natural with each race. He proved drastically eventually winning the e production class in nineteen eighty at age. Twenty six. How old I am? I've never won any production class. Some feeling inadequate inadequate. But that's fine

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