House Democrats subpoena Giuliani in Trump impeachment probe


House Democrats have moved aggressively against president trump's personal attorney as part of their impeachment inquiry Rudy Giuliani's been at the heart of the president's efforts to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden's family on Monday they issued a subpoena to the former New York mayor for text messages phone records and other communications that they referred to as a possible evidence meanwhile Giuliani attempted to connect the dots of his investigation into the origins of the molar probe which eventually led him to the alleged corruption by Joe Biden's son he was pressed by fox's Maria Bartiromo on wine no indictments have come down the line the indictments hi Ashley this yesterday I mean where when we got to see bill Maher come out and explain to the American people how Donald Trump was free and then candidate trump and then president trump what about John dorms investigate this is taking so long because the American half of the country still thinks included you know that. Maria I have two very discreet about this but when my fellow Republicans criticize my doing this investigation. who was doing it. right into it. we have a we have a Senate. known by this corrosion join deep dive where is. issues I love winter I can't help but think the fact that he's an ex senator. at least fourteen men out there. twenty fifteen yeah yeah the facts about the about the about the conflict the massive conflict the factual been out there for commuter students write this book everything you say I understand this right however your challenges cutting through all of this how are you going to do that because now half the country thinks the presence going to be out of office and an impeached why must you want a pretty good job I would want to silence me if I was screwed up you think they would let me just keep going. I think I'm the first guy that a presidential campaign was stupid enough to say much financial I know why they do what they know I have the affidavits

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