Colts face different Titans' threat with Ryan Tannehill at QB


Sunday. It is the titans and Ryan Tannehill. Dan Hill really happy for him. By the way at the Indianapolis Colts Starwood Tannahill and the November December Munster known as Derrick Henry. Well here's the thing with tannehill now barring the complete face plan the question is just how many guaranteed years does he get from the titans because because he's GonNa be the quarterback next year. They're really the running an efficient effective offense. I think he's up around fifteen yards of completion over his last two games. The problem is with Tennessee. Hennessy is. He isn't throwing the ball a whole lot so we had eighteen. Pass attempts against Jacksonville last week. Now of course two rushing touchdowns in two passing touchdowns so he he wants somebody a lot of money in DFS. But it's it's one of those things where decided Lamar Jackson. You really don't think that that's tenable. Because he's a good Ron. Everybody's not an explosive one but then he had the nineteen pass attempts against Kansas City. A couple of weeks ago. This is how they WANNA play. So I think Tannahill the hill is a streamer streamer the quarterback the problem is i. Don't trust any of his wide receivers because AJ Brown had the big game and Jacksonville but two weeks exco. He had the terrible game just one catch against Kansas City. So I'm not really trusting any of that. I think Corey Davis is flat out droppable right now because I have a tough time saying to myself. When am I going to play Corey Davis in any of my line at this point and so I think he's droppable? Ryan Tannehill has accounted for for over nineteen fantasy points and multiple touchdowns in each of his five starts his nine point two yards per attempt is leading the NFL. He's playing really well. And I think the colts are a gettable matchup even if it's not a pristine one but the guy you always trust here is Derrick Henry. You had a third touchdown last week wiped out because of a screen pass. The the colts are really struggling to score points right now and we heard this week. That t y Hilton so far isn't sure he's going to be ready to go on Sunday. This projects to be a lower scoring game in Indianapolis and that means all systems go for Derrick Henry locked in rb one locked in court. DFS play tight end for the titans writings. Nobody worthwhile nobody useful Delaney Walker. Could be back. Johnny Smith didn't even have a target last week. He had a carry their they got one in target for Michael Pruitt. Firkh sir. Didn't have a target Dennis Kelly the backup. Tackle got a touchdown. The tight ends and Tennessee are useless. It's really Tannehill and Henry Henry at this point of the season the only two guys that I can consider with any sort of confidence.

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