Washington's $30 Car Tabs On Hold As Judge Puts Injunction On I-976 As Legal Challenge Unfolds


Though they voted to lower them in November drivers here in Washington should not expect to see the car tabs lowered to thirty dollars anytime soon a judge has put online nine seven six on hold while a group of cities counties in transit agencies move ahead with their legal challenges the judge agreed that language in the ballot title was misleading and contradicted the language in the initiative sponsor Tim Eyman blasted the attorney general's office which has the task of defending the measure voters knew exactly what they were voting on and the Attorney General if used to make that argument in court Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he's decided to file an emergency appeal directly to the state Supreme Court state Senate feel our fill for to not into my mentor both asking governor Insley to call for a special session of the legislature or do not who's also running for governor says he wants to introduce a straightforward thirty dollar card tab bill to address the legal issues surrounding the

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