Chile protests: More than one million bring Santiago to a halt


More than a million people have marched through the Chilean capital sandy okay in one of the country's biggest ever anti government protests the demonstrators are angry about inequality and the cost of living and a demanding the resignation of president Sebastian Pinera Iraqi security forces are patrolling the streets of full southern provinces to enforce a curfew following a day of deadly protests on Friday at least forty people were killed in two thousand were injured the protests have been against corruption lack of jobs and economic hardship the undercover Russian lobbyists Maria boot tonight has arrived in Moscow after she was deported from the United States on arrival she was greeted by have father and some Russian journalists ms Bhutto now was released from a Florida prison on Friday of the seven most of her eighteen month sentence for conspiring to influence conservative political groups the semi finals of the Rugby World Cup on the way in Japan with England taking on the defending champions New Zealand the old blocks of one fifteen of their little sixty matches against England the latest we have is England the leading thirteen points to five ABC news sometimes the most invigorating right is the blank canvas and then a submission tackle it with that first mark okay making progress we can do something and I think that's the way we've approached to prepare for this incredible was to take everything back to a blank canvas in the studio on the BBC world service with me the program that gets inside the minds of the world's leading creators and finds out how they worked and think this week the blank canvas we talking about isn't it snow sculpture or indeed any kind of art but it's a building that transitions thousands of museum of modern art I think the whole museum in fact you could think of this one art work as you think of the cadence of the different spaces and how the visitor into racks and how you want that journey to be when it

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