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Philip Morris Graves had survived the English civil war but not without suffering Charles the second but after the younger Charles reclaimed the crown in sixteen sixty one mas grave began to relax in sixteen seventy seven he sat down to put his will to paper and in it he listed the many possessions that his son Richard would someday inherit among them wasn't item he'd kept secret and hidden a until that very moment decorative glass about six inches tall with a fluted top and sides that are covered beautiful colorful designs and cup he said was the source of his family's Good Fortune The cup is known as the luck of Eden Hall named after Musk Graves Home it has the most curious origin story it said that centuries earlier a Butler working for the MAS graves had gone to the garden well for some water only to discover a group of fairies dancing near it in one version of the tale the ferries lieven haste and abandoned the glass they brought with them but as the Butler takes it curse fills the air around him if this Cup should break or fall farewell the luck of Eden Hall and that was all it took from that moment forward the Cup became legendary in the years after Philip Morris Graves death in sixteen seventy eight the cup was kept safe and secrets never listed on official inventories of the household and always protected inside a leather box marked with the names of Christ the family's fortune depended on it after all today you can visit the luck of Eden Hall in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London I've seen it and it's a stunning piece of ancient glasswork but scientists today are certain that it wasn't crafted by fairies instead they believe it was made in the thirteen hundred in the Middle East and brought back to England during one of the Crusades true or not though the legends surrounding the Glass Cup illustrate just how attractive a good curse story can be good fortune was something that could be dashed to peace says by a careless person shattering centuries of legacy with the hammer of bad luck phillips graves enchanted ferry glass wasn't the first Magical Cup in English tradition and it certainly would it be the last but powering all of those stories like an engine tucked away beneath the hood was the notion that stealing and object away from its owners could only result in tragedy and suffering in the coming centuries that idea would only grow more powerful the details of the stories with chain of course but the underlying theme would persist and by the nineteenth century England found itself wrestling with the newest iteration of that in tradition this one didn't come from the land of the fairies though but to many in England it's home was just as mysterious and because of that the idea became so powerful that it still echoes through pop culture today the legend of the mummy's curse.

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