Death Stranding Is Coming To PC


Weirdness of district new unabated desk stranding is coming to pc this is from Kentucky by Celia De de Anastasio I was telling you before the show like this game Kajima not content with the game weird yeah everything about the games to be weird as well I am like half sure that one like the day one game that comes out is to be entirely different from what we played it I like I feel like that's that's who knows de stranding is coming to early summer two thousand twenty Kojima productions announced on twitter today right now the game is arriving on ps four on November eighth. Here's the tweet thanks to all of you who've been supporting Hashtag decorating decorating release on ps four is November eighth twenty nineteen furthermore could you productions is happy to announce that training will be coming to an early summer of twenty twenty Hashtag Kojima productions has to Hashtag districting the publishing district it was announced as exclusive for their console traditionally Sony's Big Games have stayed on the PS four but lately it looks like that's changing some of these high it just gave are apparently making their way down pc after their debut journey and neo five five games is the one who's actually publishing PC asked which store it'll be sold on Mr Five Oh five games would not answer at this time which to me sounds like we don't know yet or we're still waiting and waiting for that

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