The Honorable Andrew Young on Growing Up in New Orleans

In Black America


I said whoever made all this couldn't have made me with no purpose so it has got to be a purpose for me to the end of Andrew The J. Young Civil Rights legend former. UN Ambassador Congressman and Mayor of Atlanta Georgia in nineteen sixty young help change this country as a leader in the civil rights movement his legacy include being silly activists elected official groundbreaking Ambassador Social Entrepreneur. You're an adviser to presidents. Currently he leaves the Andrew J Young Foundation's effort to the BELVA `support new generations of visionary leaders who array sustainable global approaches to Economic Development Poverty Alleviation Ama- challenge of hunger young was a close confidante to the late Dr Martin Luther King Junior and a key strategist negotiated during campaigns that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of nineteen sixty four and the voting rights act of Nineteen nineteen sixty five this past spring young was in Austin Texas to participate in the summit on race in America at the AUBERGE Presidential Library on on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. I'm John Leo Hanson Junior and welcome to another edition of in Black America on this week's program and exclusive interview with Civil Rights Legend the Honorable Andrew Young and black America Reverend Vivian was really the first one have a sit it in he was he had a sit in Peoria Illinois in nineteen forty seven that was way before Montgomery and and Martin Luther King we go into his ninety sixth birthday next month he still with us. He was a freedom rider he he worked with us from beginning to end and he's still on the case James Several Janesville genius but he was also very eccentric. Maybe crazy but Dr King being used to say that all of us a certify ably insane because you've got to be kinda crazy to think that you can change America America was no money no organization we had nothing but the spirit of the Lord moving in our hearts it it changed when one speaks with the honor Bell Andrew j young you can still see it on his face and hearing his voice the Passion and commitment he still has for the call for social justice as Executive Director of the southern Christian Leadership Conference in one thousand nine hundred sixty four he was on on the front line doing America's doctors days born and raised in a segregated New Orleans young. I attended Dillard University in the city then attended Howard Howard University and earned a vintage degree in one thousand nine hundred fifty five from Hartford theological seminary working as a young pastor and Thomas Field Georgia he he first became part of the movement when he organized voter registration drives and nineteen seventy s first attempt to elect politics he loss but with a new campaign campaign finance chairman in Nineteen seventy-two he was elected to Congress becoming the first African American representative from the deep south since reconstruction he was reelected in one thousand nine hundred seventy four and again in one thousand nine hundred seventy six and nineteen eighty-one. He was elected mayor of Atlanta Georgia this past spring in Black America sat down with young exclusive interview during his stay in Austin participant in the summit on race in America. Mrs Young tells what was is New Orleans like back in the nineteen forties and fifties. We don't strangely enough it was segregated but but I I had to deal with Sarah Gatien and from four years old on because you know the Nazi party headquarters was fifty yards from where I was born. There was an Irish grocery store in Italian bar and I was right in the middle and then I had to go to Lina See Jones school which was a public school in another neighborhood that was called the bucket of blood because it was so much fighting and stuff going on there and I was I was younger longer than everybody and smaller than everybody so My Daddy told me said look you never going to be big enough to beat everybody so you need to learn to fight because if you know how to fight you don't have to fight nearly as much he he said but you're not GonNa win. Many fights comes he said but you probably outrun run a lot of people but you feel good running from problems. I was GONNA ask you. I read that your father hired a fighter vital to teach you and your brother well he was he was a dentist and we we live near the coliseum where the boxes is trained so when they had need dental work and no money he would fix the teeth free but then he'd make them them take us to the gym to teach us how to box notion. was you need to know he said so that even when you get in a fight you might get beat but you need to let them know that they've been in a fight and you will have to fight right that much.

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