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I was listening to the episode about the woman with a flawless skin? Thanks to trader Joe's enriched moisturizing lotion and I've been using it for years. Then I levitz going to tell you guys go to trader Joe's don't miss the antioxidant facial serum for all types of serum and you should definitely treat yourself to the LAVENDER's de-subscribe it will turn your shower and do my full on spice enjoy. Thanks for keeping me company then yesterday work and I can't wait wait here about your traderjoes. Hall lavender sea salt scripts sounds great disown. I've purchased a few of their shower scrubs before and as mentioned I have they're like shampoo in my shower. I did get this serum in my hall okay good. I haven't cracked open yet. We will kind of uniting to have a meeting about Blair Joe's mission but F- Why those items are in their here's another facial skincare trader. Joe's rave that we received received hi Katie Jori I'm driving to my mom's house for Labor Day weekend and I was just listening to the latest minneap we were talking about toners and I I wanNA share my favorite. It's not super fancy. I love the trader Joe's Rosewater Toner as I sit on my face after I wash it. It's refreshing. It's not expensive. I believe its cruelty free It's just a great product so thanks thanks for pod is nice. That's in the hall. Thank you I also want to note that. That caller left that voicemail a few weeks ago before this original trader Joe's skin lotion call. I'll look at Vassar. They were in the in box just waiting adding to be heard so lobby to that one right. We've got a body care recommendation making making gory emily. I just listened to the part of the mini episode. We're GONNA do a trader Joe's product test and I got so excited as you both did as well that I had to call in and mentioned the trader Joe's mango shaved clean you. You should definitely include this in your test. I have been using. There's there's nothing like I love it so much. It's not it's not the cheapest chasing gentleness McLean that you can buy but it's definitely the most effective my legs used to each so bad after I use like the Gillette you know the GEL that can turn into a foam when you rubbed it together because it was so drying but the trader just is so you you should definitely for that in your in your product test also loved the superstar wash and I can't wait to hear more wrecks. Thanks guys so oh I did not even know they had shaving cream. I missed that I mean I haven't I did not by the body wash so we've got to go back and get a whole we should basically sleep just by their entire skin-care body section and then while we're there pick up some frozen croissants to to Karaka made their frozen macaroni loans. I don't think so but I think I've had them at. Your House is a possible no good by them. I haven't made them. They're frozen. Croissants are legit legit delicious. I served them on Christmas morning. Oh there's so much good stuff to be found a trader. Joe's I mean aside from the skin care the gross I mean gross talk about forever but we won't we won't but we will in the future episode all right last voicemail with a seasonal holiday skin-care recommendation from TJ's Aj's hiking endure. This is Jessica S I actually just pause the most recent mini episode to call all the first time first time caller here because the idea of a trader Joe's focused product recommendation excited me so much and actually actually have a recommendation the caveat to this is it is not in the trader. Joe's usual lineup only come out at Christmas. At least I've only seen it the run up to Christmas but it is so good it's worth it and I usually stop then and it is the trader Joe's face mask trio the door. I know that you're not a massacre. Here's the thing I'm actually not a massacre either. I like to do what just occasionally like a relaxing thing or like a clean ass just when I've had some breakout and the price is right on these I forget what it cost. I bought these obviously last year but I wonder if either around on ten dollars maybe they also make great guests especially if you're ever part of like a gift exchange with the low amount and you get a clay eighty talk mask a pineapple papaya enzyme math at exploiting and then a moisturizing rose gel mask there each to fluid ounces also also perfect for travel. I cannot recommend these enough I don't really love masks a lot so I don't like you spend a lot of money on it. Honestly honestly I have tried much more expensive mass that I do not like nearly as well as best trader Joe's facemask trio so if you end up doing your focus focus on traderjoes products. I know it won't be out probably for at least another month or so but definitely keep your eyes out all right guys. I love your podcast I so much it's one of the highlights of my reach by so what I've always heard like on. The rumor mill of trader Joe's is that they are more expensive products products that like trader Joe's gets and just puts their trader Joe's label on. Have you ever heard this. I've heard serve a version of this. which is that a lot of their stuff his made in the same production facilities as differently branded item right and they just put their the name on it? I feel like Costco. Does something similar like. Everyone says that the Kirkland brand diapers are the same as huggies Caesar's interesting. Yeah I know Kirk Lyons coffee that they sell with their brand is starbucks but they have that on the label. I would be interested to know what the well here's an example that I know for a fact because this was written about but Bomba the Israeli peanut snack. There's now a trader Joe's version. Yes and I believe it is made under the same auspices as the original Bomba so I've I wonder what this if the skin care is available elsewhere a very interesting point. If there are any more you have to get chemists confessions on. Yes we Ojo Elliott the Mama Pa we do make a note yes but there's anyone who works the traderjoes skincare department slide into. RDM's get in there. Leave us an anonymous message out. Tell us what is going on with. These products secrets also send us some dried mango because that is my favorite thing trader

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