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You're trying real hard to convince me Elizabeth Banks Bosley is is the bad guy because you know it is Patrick Stewart. I feel like I'm more sympathetic to him. Because he's he's he's a good guy right and so yeah you have this moment and in. He's like Oh. I knew she was doing this in like they might. You're trying a little too hard to cast banks Bosley in this bad light. It's gotTa be Patrick Stewart at this point. That's that's the bad guy. What I don't understand is the scene where we see Elizabeth Bosley? And we're just GONNA keep calling her that we should call Rebecca once or twice but yet yet no it's so funny because when Demon Bosley died Elizabeth Bozzi is like his name was Edgar. And I'm like is every in fight club all of a sudden death you have. You're you're no longer a Bosley MEATLOAF ause Lee. You get a name but she meets with somebody at the car and is like it's been tracked to Istanbul. What do I do with Elena? You know what to do and that is completely telling us that. Elizabeth banks is being duplicitous. Now in hindsight she was meeting with Charlie early right Charlie such a non entity in this movie I forgot he existed along with Patrick Stewart.

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