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Gesture fire. Sports poor swift is in a in a tizzy this week while also her labels because hello hello label big machine group. Their headquarters in Nashville Tennessee was recently forced to shut down. Due to direct and hostile death threats being made to employees of the company company Jacob Taylor with fans are going to extremes to leak personal contact information and addresses of company employees after the alleged at Bron Bush shutout and her former her and her former label. Big Machine records are preventing her from performing a medley of hits. The American American Music Awards installing production on a plan. Netflix documentary going. Okay somebody questions. She urged events Scott Bush and Scooter Braun. Know how you feel about this. So basically 'cause you know fans are fucking crazy they're basically like if you find them kill them op. Does she has like crazy. Fans like trump trump fans. They're crazy in an insane. I've never been crazy fat or something like that. I never liked anyone that much ever ever ever. I love roses. I I am a huge pixies fan. I am not sitting in front of his apartment waiting for him to think patients to me. No now happening. I've never liked anybody that I never like food. That much. You know people wait online for like pizza in that donut like a weird donut shit or colorful awful Bagel. Whatever the fuck every never liked anything that much

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