How Long Does a Flu Virus Survive?

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Two thousand eighteen study shows that the flu virus can last longer in the environment than we previously thought and now that it's flu season here in the US or going to dig into the implications of that research along with giving you a few tips for staying happy and healthy this winter. Although first and foremost I have to remind you to. Please get your flu shots if if you haven't already because influenza or flu viruses caused about two hundred thousand hospitalizations every year in this country alone and although it's not a hundred in percents effective getting vaccinated is definitely your best defense against the virus. Have you gotten yours Ashley. No no well I did. So if you get the whole whole office sick I'll be safe. I'm GonNa make sure that by the time this episode comes out. I will have gotten it all right anyway. becks is study. I mentioned we know. The flu spreads through direct or indirect contact with someone who is infected or through aerosols including coughing sneezing or even just breathing for longtime I am a scientist thought that when it spread through the air like in a cough sneeze the virus would become inactive pretty quickly but it turns out that are mucous actually protects text the virus and the researchers behind this study have unpublished data suggesting the virus can persist for up to sixteen hours in a stable indoor or environments. There's a good chance to conserve in the air for an entire day. Yuck a not telling you this to freak you out though. I'm telling you this because there are little things you can do to remove. Remove the flu virus from the air that is in addition to the classic advice of handwashing wiping down frequently touched surfaces and coughing into your shirt rather than your hand to get to the droplets first off increasing the air circulation in a room can dilute flu viruses in the air and limit their spread. You can do this by increasing racing the exchange rate of building ventilation systems turning on ceiling portable fans and although it could get a bit chilly by opening windows. Second second it turns out that air purifiers designed to remove particles should be effective at removing viruses from the air. To although it hasn't been tested directly a purifier purifier with a filter and a high flow rate will remove the most particles and finally consider wearing a surgical mask. If you're sick to protect those around you if you're not sick but you're around. People who have the flu wearing a surgical mask will help. As long as it's tight fitting if there are gaps around the sides then. It's not helping much. These simple measures could significantly decrease the number of infections every year. But one more time. Please get your flu shot if you haven't already

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