Long-serving former Democratic U.S. congressman John Conyers dies at age 90


We mention the passing of congressman John Conyers junior today at the age of the nineteen today were reflecting on his life his legacy in and what he meant for Detroit and and beyond joining us live on W. W. J. Congress one by the Lawrence and congressman first of all thank you so much for the time on what is a definitely a difficult day it is and he can con uses one of the founding members of the black caucus among his many accomplishments and we just bury Liza coming for and I speak on behalf of the trade Missy can the black caucus in Congress you know this is literally bad day and Grand Canyon when you look through history for civil rights for justice it was always the presence of the Grand Canyon and I was hearing today that one of the greatest thing that happens when you are being in memory of the greatness of these individuals is that it forces you to reflect on your life am I making a difference and my leg like it in a positive way and he was such a humble nine min he was a gentleman and I just and I'm I was at his ninetieth birthday party just recently just a great man congressman Lawrence as you look around the house today and certainly not as diverse as you'd want to be but when when John Conyers junior was elected there was six African Americans in Congress where do you think the house would be today if not for John Conyers and people like him as I said he was a founding member of the black caucus and we often talk about the struggle and the challenges that the members had at that time in a causes during the civil rights movement and the need for their voice to be there and what's so powerful today about the record number went into the record number of diverse the third level of diversity that was in our freshman class native inch panic African American women is that more people are in at the table who have life experiences that can be inflicted and who are process so we're making log house see that it is reflective of who we are as a country a country rich and diverse city yeah I'm crying uses one of the founders required you know because other than African Americans and Hispanics there wasn't much diversity when he came to Congress at all congresswoman Brenda Lawrence representing Detroit Tigers woman thank you so much for the time we appreciate your memory and your thoughts on this topic thank you so much and may we all reflect at this time and how important it is and to give the respect and honor to those who do that and moments in our history where we needed a voice in leadership congressman thank you so much thank you great to hear from Congress woman Brenda Lawrence reflecting on the life and times of congressman John Conyers junior and now joining us on the WWJ live line is former mayor of Detroit Dave being mayor thanks for the time on what is a a difficult evening and answer is you reflect back on the time you spent with John Conyers what comes to mind first what rises to the top I agree that he was a true leader and a person of conviction the civil rights was going very very strong when John became my accomplishment and I know he felt lonely for a long time but you you know in spite of his being yes a single voice for a while you know he he stood up for Detroit and its people and I just saw John about three weeks ago and sold you know hearing that she not only is a travesty but it's something that those of us who knew who have obviously did not expect me we knew he was moving up an age and all that but you know you just don't think about the end and you know here we are losing another what about John's who stood up for the people of what a lot of dignity Amir being we spoke to the Reverend when lance the earlier and he mentioned the consistency with which John Conyers served as a politician yourself consistency so they can be very difficult to achieve to think about doing that over fifty years or more to me seems unfathomable I would absolutely agree with that you know as you know times change people change but his values never change I mean he knew who he was he knew what he wanted he represented his people and he put other people first you know here here's a guy that never really worried about how people thought of him he wanted to be respected but he wanted to be respected for what he stood for and and and his values and he never he never gave them to act they're being thank you so much for the time when was the difficult day we appreciate your thoughts and your remembrances well thank you so very much we all sad because we have lost a job thank you former mayor of Detroit they being joining us in the double WJR blind former Detroit congressman John Conyers junior died today at the age of ninety we'll continue to reflect on his life and times throughout the rest of the

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