Trump attempts to link NYPD Commissioner's resignation to bail-reform law


President trump in a tweet try telling police commissioner o'neill's decision to resign to a new state bail reform law the new measure could lead to the early release of hundreds of people being held on non violent charges in a calmer responded the president has lost his right to call New York our city when he moved his residence to Florida the move was an obvious legal tactic to convince a judge not to grant the Manhattan district attorney's motion to force production of trump's tax returns on quote Mister o'neill who steps down next month says one of the toughest decisions he had to make was firing officer Daniel Pantaleo in the garner case Eric garner case I've been a cop for a long time and that decision there was no many police officers looked at that and said but you know that could have been me and rose Marie Maldonado I thought did a great job as the deputy commissioner trials the band Tucker concurred with that decision I thought it was important for us all to move forward so it was one of the most difficult things I've had to do incoming police commissioner German Sheri talked about the importance of integrating the NYPD with communities like all eight point six million people to get involved to to to call the police when you see something to attend community meetings this is my neighborhood policing is so important J. speaking there on good day New York a new pilot program aimed at improving relations between the NYPD and young people Rechlin borough president Eric Adams held a student workshop in response to the brawl at the metro tech subway stop we need to do training to young people he's launching a peer to peer pilot program homeless students will be trained to teach others how to respond responsibly to bullies Josh's on board taking those steps to where I can adapt to what's happening is the step in the right direction the borough president hopes the training sessions can be adopted by the school system and the NYPD Juliet Papa tented wins news

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