How Your Health Is Connected to Soil Health


A functional medicine doctor Dr Hyman this is on treating the body as a system rather than treating the individual symptoms in this mini episode Dr Hyman Explores how this application of systems biology ends beyond our bodies inner workings to its interaction with the natural environment. Here's Dr Hyman in conversation with family physician and founder of the health from the soil up initially Dr Daphne Miller you're describing this sort of broad range of things where you're seeing the harm that our current agricultural production system does to the workers right because of toxic chemicals because of poor working conditions because of being almost indentured servants and human rights really is a huge issue there and the same time that your were hurting the soil that we grow our food in so our soil is depleted aren't food is depleted and then we are growing is commodity products that are turned into processed food corn wheat and soy that ended up causing all this chronic disease on the other end of the spectrum and it's this huge problem in everything's can elected and that is some of the beauty of your work where you actually are connecting the dots between all these things that don't seem connected like what is the the crow biology the soil has to do with us and you talk a lot about this and you're working I I'm fascinated sort of dig into this because again a get a little bit deeper right away about how the microbiome which is his brand new topic in medicine didn't even exist and we were in medical school connects to the microbiome of the soil and why that's important I mean for example you don't wash your organic vegetables right eat the dirt right so talk about how you came to understand that and what the science is behind that and and and what we need to do to change. What's happening I I want to say that I really appreciate what you said before for in terms of getting the big picture there because there's actually a lot of people in medicine who still don't that this really is a story on the on on helpful side of exploitation of workers exploitation of soil and then exploitation of our own bodies we who are the recipients of that food in that system and I think that's a very important notion to grab onto so we can't heal communities unless we actually take care the farm workers and take care of soil but the microbiome is this wonderful way of tracking that connection it's kind of a nerdy side intifida way of telling that story that you just told because in fact that what's so so unbelievable doing this work is that it tracks through many levels from the microbial to the cultural so micro to macro from legislated to cellular and the the story of how our internal microbiome all these you know billions of Tyrian Fungi Nemo toads how they are linked to soil is still trying to be understood in told it's not the sciences in its infancy and we know of course at our microbiome is a unique microbiome you know each one of us has an unique microbiome fingerprint it's anger print it's not the same microbiome a- soil but we know that there is a lot of cross talk we evolved as these single L. creatures out of soil we all grew up in the dirt right time gathering and and over Millennia what's happened is that aren't microbes have found their distinct niches but that they in fact do communicate and this research is slowly slowly coming out and food is probably one of the really important shuttles that you know goes back and forth in terms of informing the two microbiomes and influence facing him in different ways but it's not to say that our microbiome is the same as soil microbiome there's cross talk which is there absolutely genetic crosstalk conventional medicine encourages the diagnosis of disease followed by standardized treatment however naming disease becomes increasingly me wingless as we understand our inner workings and biological systems within the context of our entire organism Dr Hyman further explored this topic with his mentor and other a functional medicine Doctor Jeffrey Bland using the lens of functional medicine the things that you helped us know and understand really just getting people I said do those simple things that make profound differences changing the information and that you know food is information everything is information you exercise information sleep is information botts our information yeah these are all communicating with every cell and every system in your body every second and when you understand that enormously empowering because then you can do something about precisely we have now understood starting to understand I don't want to say complete understanding but we're starting to understand that this outside world the things that we eat had come from the soils and the environment from which nature nurtures have an inborn communication connection to our bodies receptor systems that signal through every DNA Aliquo all that creates our function now that is a paradigm shifting concept that were connected into the soil into the air into the water into the sun in ways that are directly it kind to these biological processes we call intracellular signal transaction for which we are involved matrices not can disconnected from the world but in in regretted part of the network of the world into our

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