Two dead in German synagogue attack on Yom Kippur


Remco lean who's acting director of AJC Berlin joins us now from Berlin to discuss the anti Semitic attack on Yom Kippur afternoon against the synagogue in Hallo- Germany. REMCO thank you so much for joining us of course thank you renew now tell us what happened this week in Hallo- saw yesterday at around noon we got the first thoughts that was his shooting in which is a rather small city in the eastern part of Germany and immediately I messages we received so you know they were talking about there was a shooting at the synagogue on near the synagogue it wasn't like really clear from the beginning but you know if you hours in you know that AH story developed became pure and Kira that this terrorist tried to attack synagogue in other and it wasn't able doing that so he couldn't enter synagogue and because he wasn't like really sophisticated but sadly enough he was able to kill two random people in Holler and so that's like the short version of what happened yesterday it's interesting because when he didn't succeed to get into the synagogue thank God he shot someone if I understand correctly you shot someone on the street and then he drove to a Kebab restaurant which is kind of almost a a symbol of immigration and shot someone there you know it kind of speaks to the ways in which Jews and immigrants and Muslims uh-huh are kind of all targeted in certain situations by the same people of course yes but I guess I I really need to stress that I mean he obviously streamed his terror attack in the Internet and of course he's a racist and of course he hates Muslims but that's what I've learned from people who have seen the video and the livestream you put on the Internet and he immediately starts all this video denying the Holocaust and saying that behind all ills in society the Jews so you know it's main target and his main goal was to kill Jews from that's synogogue and you know after he failed of course he just passed by a Kebab shop and so again I haven't seen the video just you know I can only tell from you know whatever it in the news because I really don't need to see this bet she more or less really okay then you know I'd take the shop and so people there but again like you've gotta logical driven by hatred for Jews and Jews were his main targets and so I guess we really need to stress yeah we saw something similar last year in the shooting in Pittsburgh at the synagogue in Pittsburgh here in the US where the shooter was apparently driven of course by his hatred of Jews but specifically it was the fact that the synagogue had hosted like a a welcoming refugees event and he saw that as you know this kind of very classic Anti Semitic idea of the Jew as puppet master wielding all of the elements of society that you know he has a part of the so-called master race thinks of as savory so his way of pushing back against immigration was he basically felt that he was going to the source which to him was the Jews of course I mean the plays a problem you know guy who was an anti Semite very likely to be a racist and is very likely to hate Muslims so that all goes hand in hand but again like you was mainly driven by his tantric for his anti Semitism and so we ah we we just have to keep in mind and I mean again like you know these people that are always racist at the same time and I mean he he already in this video again I haven't seen it but just altruism some transcripts he also said like that you know feminism is the driving force behind declining birth rates investments ladies and you know that opened the gate you know for the refugees and you know by the Jews or letting all this migrant so of course you know there's always part of the apology of like people like him what did you think Remco of the response across Germany yesterday what happened both governmental and civil society Eddie and is it the right response so in terms of governmental responses security was a short up around Germany and this is still the case and all states as far as I know and we'll keep it this way for the foreseeable future and in terms of civil society Heidi I mean we had a few gatherings I mean we had to here in Berlin with a few hundred at these there were other gatherings and other cities and I attended the gathering here in Berlin and thankfully the chancellor showed up and express solidarity with the Jewish community but still I mean you know Berlin in the city ah like three and a half million people and you know three hundred people showing up that much I also have to stress that we had a case on Friday today I mean you know this week was very busy they could guy tried to enter to negotiate in Berlin with a knife and and AL sheltered slurs Israel so nobody wants their you know to so they're sort of a you know in this case so it's very sad that obviously people have to die people you know come out and shoulder so verity with the Jewish community I'm glad that you bring that up Remco because in just the past seven days there have been they've actually been to anti Semitic attacks or really attempted attacks in Germany of course the shooting and hollow which made international headlines but also this attempt to bring into a synagogue in central Berlin on Chabad by someone who if I understand correctly it was a Syrian refugee screaming Allah who are men the F. Israel he wasn't quite so polite as I was you know it really highlights for people the fact that anti Semitism is not something that only comes from the far right and it's not something that only comes from radicalized Muslims but it comes from both of those sources also comes from the far left do you think that in Germany there's an awareness in an appreciation for all the different sources of Anti Semitism today unfortunately not because as already right they said you know we have anti-semitism on the right that we have seen today although we are their Muslim anti-semitism which it's Friday here in Berlin we have the coming anti-semitism just thinking what PDF's and all this anti Zionism but we have also an anti Semitism mainstream society so it's coming I'm from all corners and you know people are very good at you know always like picking v. anti-semites their own ideology meeting like you know the Nafta's always pointing to the right the Conservatives always pointing to the left and I don't have the feeling that there's a deep understanding of how fundamental problem is that it's been political dishes are outlooks and this is a problem that we have like an all corners of society and not just in just one on one of my friends put out on twitter that a friend of his WHO's a rabbi in Hamburg Germany that he had requested police protection for Yom Kippur Synagogue and was re accused the police actually told him that they didn't understand why the synagogue would need protection do you think that this is a turning point is this going to be a seminal lament in Germany's understanding of the resurgence of antisemitism. Do we think that in the future police will recognize that Jews need to be protected I can only also but nowhere in talking about security you can say that we are talking about the bigger cities in Germany prank for Berlin Munich The the security is already good thought you know when you go to Jewish communities and spawners cities I mean as we've seen yesterday and you know there was not even police officer in front of this and I walk on poor and this is something that is just simply unacceptable and I've been in today and I would can you to be tomorrow and contact with authorities and officials and stressed that you know this right knowledge like the most important thing that you know security not the most important right on that every community every community every Jewish institution has to have proper protection in Germany and not only right in our you know the next three weeks but permanently because what happened yesterday can happen again and that you know a Jewish community doesn't have depiction is unacceptable and it's acceptable that's security and you know the life of Jews in Germany depend on you know how thicker doors because you know people didn't die yesterday in the synagogue you know thankfully didn't happen because the doors to the terrorist wasn't able to enter the synagogue and gave up for and again like right now the most important thing is that security is tightened in every community and for every Jewish institution in Germany so that's one thing you know what are we specific clearly looking for Germany to do and really we can broaden this to to all of Europe what needs to happen now to ensure that Ju- stay safe for all we have to recognize the problem very very cuny and we have to understand the problem we have to understand the problem is in you know we find this problem in every corner of society the leftist the right Muslim in the mainstream we have to address it properly we have to make sure that this is after we've tested and analyze that there action taken and that you know civil society supported in their efforts to counter anti-semitism and you know there are a lot of great civil society league groups that we as AJC in Berlin work with and doing an awesome job and what they're doing and you know they have to have the proper funding because this is nuts something that the state can just do so we need the support here and the civil society and yeah so that would be like the two immediate steps and certainly I mean just talking about Germany I mean we've talked about the case on Friday where this guy was tried to end I mean he was released Kathy even twenty four hours after that he tried to enter this and our goal with a knife and this is also not acceptable and there's also something you know the the politicians have to look into to see you know where we can tighten the law and that these people are at a guy like the guy on Friday you know it's not released it almost immediately and because they said there were no grounds on holding him which is you know he obviously tried to murder juice so that's not a reason to hold somebody in custody you know what is well Remco we're glad to have you on the job we know that there is much more work to be done thank you so much for updating us on this tragic an important development

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