Giannis goes for 29 and 15 as Bucks blow out Knicks, 132-88


The box did not get much push back from the Nixon winning the twelfth in a row in a one thirty two eighty April Jana sort of a couple finished with twenty nine points in just twenty two minutes the box scored seventy two first half points and blow up to forty seven point lead in the second half of the couple says the team doesn't concern itself with the winning streak of games on a blanket basketball have us some fun but that's in the past nobody keeping all to get a better temperament I gave the Knicks came out sluggish hit just seventeen percent of the first quarter shots and the bucs led by eighteen at the end of one the lead continue to balloon throughout the night Julius Randle was the high man for the Knicks with nineteen the Knicks end up shooting just thirty one percent for the game check Freeman Milwaukee

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