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In today's episode we are going to talk about Colloidal Selva you came to me with this identity you know did focus on yeah and he's still on we just pretend that lives I don't know anything about percent in is as I kind of don't want to be around the Bush don't really WANNA lives people make Canosa from the adult so I just tell them what it is than you can do the salaries sit back relax sit back and listen to my own with sounds well I know that you have a product with colloidal silver written Yeah so yeah allies have skin blemish keeper overnight serum one over the long lengthy of exaggerate name is I'm trying to go I've kind of seen it knocking about for awhile now especially plastics and stuff the last with silver in it well it got me Oh is it actually silver Oh my God here we go Ciampino yes right well guys it's not it's not called COLLOIDAL silver for year but it could have been like an extra Sony right you know what everyone who's in just no I'm learning to be fair that except to say it's going to be the opposite way around because I'm completely baffled by next tweaks app let's talk to them let's do you want to read the first sentence nano-tech yes how again colloidal COLLOIDAL colloidal so many people are asking probably thinking what is mean clued it so Colloidal Sofa I'm going to read this and those monitor invoice of a dead obvious reason no that you wrote is a term used to describe a mixture of silver ions and Nano particles in which you're it's highly auntie microbe I'll do this right so essentially yeah tell you oh so God his day and mildly friend. Jade listens Schramm this one with Charlie always says and it really makes me laugh because of no is she says it all I was I wa it she was like it's a word she uses to describe them this went on for about five minutes and she was like this are no one essentially shouldn't yeah over she says it on my time and like I've just been listening to you talk all the time Oh my God really would you say all the time essentially in Webuye whereby he say whereby you are used to say that before known you know say for Beth can get bit they scan drinking game honestly listen listen to our survey essentially everybody knows not do it I know well no it's not a bad thing aw and quickly tap essentially into a thesaurus you different words essentially what it does is Essentially Thea Soroush you've richly essentially written in the nose as well yeah I know okay I didn't realize I like the word so much twice twice Oh God okay confront names I mean on truly approximately what else can I use originally permanently none of these right sink to essentially by beauty it wasn't a criticism it was just feel I was no no no not at all it was just a mere Oh the I've noticed that it was just an acknowledgment okay well let's get back to it and I'm not going to say essentially all Webuye Okay go over the next three episodes I'm GonNa Watch it I'm GonNa Watch she faced her bright reddish in trying to think of a different word and trying to write colloidal silver we'll just go home to all and go off a purge anyway go right so colloidal silver is highly antimicrobial which means that it's really good at killing bacteria so different types of bacteria things like E. coli and stuff August did you ever do you have I don't know stuff a Caucasus it's kind of like E. coli is just a different type of food poisoning so there's obviously good tyrian but by Syria have you ever seen the adverts and like all the good bacteria in your life yes oh drinking something yes so basically it's just the type of bacteria I said basically so colloidal Silva actually used to be used instead of antibiotics so obviously ninety tick also kills bacteria but as you'll be aware because of all of these ridiculous adverse go on TV around winter time we can build resistance to antibiotics which is not good no no no because it means that we just have to find different antibiotics every year and one day that's just not going to be left so civil was actually originally and then antibiotics found out and they swapped the move a bolt it's really really bad to ingest colloidal silver you can still buy it so the disclaimer on this episode is every put it on your skin typically just don't ingest it because it's just not good for you we'll go into in a little bit and there's a funny little Fox that relates to something hilarious she said maybe six months ago really yeah GonNa look I'm not gonNA look I don't ruin the surprise take on the show I wish y'all so am like we've come to the conclusion that obviously really killing bacteria but you have bacteria everywhere this bacterium skin now and like I said some good somebody's gotten bad but it's really good colloidal silver is really good for ensuring that any bacteria on the skin that might be causing any infections oil acne is dead and gone if you with acne and this product or something with colloidal silver will be really good for you because there were a few studies that were done what's showed that there was a type of bacteria that lives on your skin that it lives in the oily region of polls so basically when Paul becomes suffocated and blocked by skin cells and oil nc it creates an environment where this type of bacteria really thrives and it can grow and multiply quickly I'm going to try and pronounce it it's called propane oh actually it's not too bad pro peony Bactariane propia Ni ropy on sounds Italian does what would you like some propia news awesome yeah so the propia antibacterial will thrive in an environment where there's of oxygen and it's just kind of a bit grim so yes you you wanna be having some form of colloidal silver if you suffer acne so what does it do and how does it work I'm not GonNa say Topical Selva does have some pre medical uses I you know I love asides paper aims absolutely shucks I read a really read a disturbed ebbing experiment I don't want to know and to be fair that there's a lot of experiments that adults and that test on animals on the not necessarily associated with Brahms like they're not testing their products animals they just trying to figure out whether it will work full browns to then kind of take on into product floors and a colloidal silver is really good for burns so if you've got activists really good and is really good because when you burn yourself you take off the top layer of skin which means that that skin underneath which isn't used to be in kind of out in the opener is votes expose last word it can be it's really proud to infection and get in bacteria that really shouldn't be there and seek an infected when when he goes green and ooh thing and so using colloidal silver kills all of that bacteria so when you've obviously killed all of that bacteria makes it easier to he bill and those a study that I mean you might WanNa skip ahead fifteen seconds on your lap at this point that had rust in on the way that they tested it was they rob and then compared to been been same way to see whether it was wet weather and I am absolutely not saying that is way should test anything but this is a test that was done I felt sick and I'm not gonNA lie a well to a little bit not swimming pool around yes from that they did find out that it was effective but I think that was a long time ago I don't know I don't have a link to the Nasty little experiment it worked yeah I think it was like I was saying this is good for Ben Scott right knee and it was used as an anti and anti cold from the doctor that was on until you but what you have said it already unable to answer by ozone unto cereal onto so when it's applied to the skin it can be really hunting bandages dresses winds plus days that kind of thing on skin infections so dramatic when I had that those spots along with Joel Line it was probably something to do with this obviously it was an infection so I wish I'd have known about silver then but what I went to the doctor they're like we can give you into politics for it and that got rid of it so it would have been

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