Why are smart women falling for pseudoscience health gimmicks?

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Strange beliefs around. Women's bodies have a long history and every every day we have bombarded by new wellness claims from restoring the balance of our hormones to the self healing properties of salary juice and unsurprisingly thinly. The wellness industry is now worth a two point eight trillion worldwide. It has never been so difficult to distinguish fact from Fahd leaving many of us feeling extremely confused including myself joining me today to help uncover only the truth is personal trainer. bestselling selling author and women's Health magazine columnist. Alice Living Heller Alice. Hi Hello I think when they're all so many small women out left falling for harmful and pseudoscientific claims. Let's just our Ryan. Why do you think this is happening? I think it's a pretty interesting. It definitely been in the position where I've fallen for some stuff myself to I think it comes from a genuine place of us all wanting to live healthier live longer. I think we've suddenly the nego access to all of this information which he didn't necessarily have before where we're able to read about all of these things like on our health or wellbeing wellness wellness. Become a thing that was never a thing ten. You know ten years ago And he's become very difficult to decide for from fiction because I think many any many people enter. And I'M GONNA use even though I I use in brackets but the wellness industry with the best intentions of wanting to help people to achieve that elusive thing. That as ultimate health and happiness if it so exists And I think it's difficult because I think the people that we are listening to ball all people like yourself who oversee qualified experts You know anyone can enter and this is the dangerous thing is anyone in Canada onto social media call themselves whatever they one give themselves whatever kind of title they deem to be appropriate and then saw spouting of information in a very authoritative way which for the average person seems seems legit so it's really difficult for the average consumer of social media to know what is fact and what is fiction completely. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said said it comes from potentially a very warm loving place they can end up with a little trouble in some recent trends. I think have been. They've been a bit city but interesting thing. So one study suggested one in five women have have washed inside their vagina in the past year. And apparently it's called douching douching if it was a French word douche shower cooled yet latouche I mean. Do you know anything about this. Have you seen as we know that the vaginal tissues the my son's tissue the body. So I think it's a really interesting and I actually think it's a wide issue. That doesn't just stem from that particular piece of research. I think if we look brands we've seen how consumerism has driven us to create that we don't actually necessarily need and then make us believe that we ultimately do really need them and I think that's the really difficult Area where it's not just feminine hygiene products. It's loads the things within the industry that we don't need we've lived without for years and years and years and suddenly we're being told that the we we absolutely need this to live like I said live healthier and live longer And there's a price tag attached to it. Am I just think it's a very elitist worrying kind of trend that seems to be in Increasing yeah I think the thing with these kind of Feminine Hygiene Products is the research has shown time and time again this gynecologist. Who say this is not necessary? The Ph of your China will maintain itself and you do not need to wash yourself with any luxury products you will. You will naturally do that yourselves and and I think like unfortunately it goes back to what you're talking about in the first conversation. Which is the the the marketing pitching around? This stuff has been so good but people believe that the unfortunately they're gonNA trust something that they see in the shelving boots over gynecologist. He's saying you don't need this completely. I mean some of even said it's a contraceptive to which is worrying. And I read as well that it cannot be throw off the balance of the good bacteria in the Vaginas like Alice said. I think it's a bit of a money making to Ooh head but you have to be careful because the Internet can sail a lot of things in different societal norms. Tell us one thing different cultures but at the end of the day if you are looking for contraceptive I'm just begging anyone. Listening go to see who jeep but also it kind of taps into a deeper issue of the fact that we we should be in some in some way ashamed of of a joiner and ashamed of you know. There's lots of stigma attached to our The area things like Oh you know if it smells or well you know all of these things and we made to feel ashamed. Thought which can handle things like your sexual relationships your self confidence. It goes much much deeper than just it being about it. Not being necessary and interesting when I was reading up about it About you know these Feminine Hygiene Dogs. The gynecologist on their website says you know if if a woman should choose to wash her for China with something. It should be this and it's like no like you can't very gray tom in a very gray statement to make in that he's not necessarily saying you have to have it. But if you should choose to and I just think we really need to be a lot clearer in what we need and what we don't need for our bodies and making it a lot simpler for people because as you know in the nutrition walled things have just so overcomplicated and we. We're being made to feel as though we have to spend and lot of money on achieving elusive thing called like optimal health. And just not knowing the nutritional is just not the case. Narin you correctly said that I praise on the vulnerable and also what I call the worried. Well as well as something. That happens a lot that I see that it preys on one of our insecurities as females as well. It's you're right. It's much deeper rooted. This is definitely not my fail but deep-rooted psychology that perhaps would definitely not good enough or inferior striving for perfection which which is which is worrying but else. Have you seen that dangerous recently that we should be aware of. I think something that I've seen online. which actually a couple of people I've seen call out which is great and people in authority in position? You have to do so which is even better but One of them is whom I in balancing now. I think this is a really really interesting area because I think it particularly played preys on women and vulnerable women who feel as though in George George case like seeing who feels like they've almost done everything to try and lose weight and nothing's he's walking and then this person comes along and says but I can dance your hormones and suddenly. It's like the the cured and they are so much better and they're able to lose weight and I think this this idea of home and balancing from people that are not under control adjusts on not doctor is unwell. People with any qualification bought. Maybe being a personal trainer is quite concerning completely. I think especially with the whole my balancing. It's also linked to Ah for instance you yourself a very open about having polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and I think for women out there the large majority of them indefinitely listeners. Go about the episode we recorded with Anita the Gyna- Geek so many people software endometriosis and different female related problems. And this is all my saying I can help help you fix that balance this out by taking these supplements and I mean I was. Why do you think that it's it's the products? Now targeting women and especially those under the age of eighteen seen as well as seems to be everywhere I think because there's money there I think it's because we have become Like I said earlier. We've we've we've come to to believe that we need to spend money on our health and the more money we spend on the battery it must be and I think big big brands have caught onto the fact that people. Aw Aw all willing to spend money on their wellbeing and their health and so every. Brian going is trying to make themselves a wellness brand in some way. If you look at campaigns from from you know all all sorts of onto the sun they'll always try and have like a wellness line goal because they realize that it's a great marketing style US Brandon. You'll be healthier theon happy. I just think everyone yeah. And particularly when you mentioned the under eighteen like it's really concerning A lot of this stuff is targeted at girls. That are not You know they're not even out of puberty. That bodies are still changing the cylinder that are still deciding who they are and who they want to be and to come in and already make thank them conscious and aware of things that they don't need to be made aware of that age structure Such tricky like time anyway It's no wonder that we have the issues that we do and I think there is completely multifactoral and when it comes down to. I think social media doesn't help the media doesn't help but I also think marketing foxing products particularly that focused on things like weight loss or health to a certain degree. Goals are goes on boys that are under eighteen is this is really

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