Rita Owens, Queen Latifah's mother, is dead


Great beyond fans will always hold a special place for captain kirk caption read and of course william shatner was incensed lashed facebook necessarily mean that he has died it just means that they will always like his character captain kirk i was not happy about william shatner is upset that he just didn't facebook general like the whole country as we're like we don't know what to do with our counts if you look at any website i'm looking at you daily mail there's these articles at least the bottom of these websites well that's all we reported on a netflix cello dying find your niche furniture day learned about that yes i know lesson learned that new year queen latifah saying goodbye to the person she loved most her mother rita owens passed away yesterday after struggling with a heart condition and her mom was sixty nine that is with a heavy heart that a chevy news that my mother passed away today oh she was gentle but strong sweet sassy wurley but pragmatic a woman a great faith and certainly the love of my life you really that is really see you whenever undulate livers langas daddy's mom i know amazing that is very good we talk about some of the touch on some of the things we did way back at the beginning of the show the audience changes a little bit chris evans and jenny slate you've been following that pingpong game together and then they worked together and they were they were together well now they're not together anymore so efficiently done sad on done and done well chris evans he's done with captain america after this avengers movie comes out in april when are we getting to the dirt that came out of erica jeans but pretty mass that she spends forty thousand a month on hair makeup enclo do i incredible or what forty well okay does she break it down does she say what it is i mean close yes he did get me copy she just said it yet because she implies a glam squad clams for erica jane she's still performing.

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