China Targets U.S. Pork, Apples for $3 Billion in Tariffs


Organization of diverse faith communities in thurston county posted a message of support kingdom hall members we spoke to didn't want to comment about the arson or the ten thousand dollar reward offered but they did say more police officers have been patrolling their kingdom halls in the region suzanne phan ponies apples grown in our state could be the target of chinese tariffs as part of an international trade war the fruit is become a bargaining chip in the dispute between the white house in china china says pork in steel pipe could also be hit with higher import fees yesterday the markets tumbled on word of the tariff war or a potential tariff war with china industrial and tech companies like boeing and microsoft also fell sharply since they depend heavily on foreign trade a coalition of puget sound ports says pollutant emissions have been dropping in recent years a new report from puget sound maritime air form says a sixty nine percent decrease and pollutants that are harmful to humans and a ten percent drop in carbon emissions since two thousand five ports say new engines and cleaner fuel played a role ports they're also working on ways to make their operations more efficient people in snohomish have had enough of ear piercing noise late at night as big grocery stores take deliveries the sound of trucks rolling in while families are trying to sleep suzanne davis lives near the haagen store after six months or so and a half years i'm still awakened.

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