Trump set for China tariff announcement on Thursday, trade war fears grow


President trump expected to announce today new tariffs targeting unfair trade practices by china a spokesman for china's foreign ministry saying it hopes for constructive talks with the united states to achieve a win win solution to settle trade issues opening arguments today in a landmark anti trust trial that could impact your cable bill the justice department says an at and t time warner merger would reduce competition antitrust attorney steve levitzky explains they fear that two companies could keep time warner's content which includes hbo to itself or raise prices so much other cable companies and streaming services just couldn't afford it the justice department theorized that a lot of subscribers would drop off in disgust bought that avid happens at and t could exploit the situation because they have directtv and directtv could offer all that content they now own the merger at and t and time warner say it's they who need this kind of merger to help them compete in an age of cord cutting net flicks and amazon jessica rosenthal fox news stocks have ended thursday mixed higher and japan lower in china the dollar has fallen to a one month low on foreign currency exchanges dow futures are down.

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